NYSSCPA Excellence in Accounting Scholarship

Each year, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) grants the Frank L. Greathouse Accounting Scholarship for $7,000 to two undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time in an accredited accounting program to prepare for a career in local or state government. Eligible applicants must have at least junior-level status, be citizens of the United States or Canada, submit a recommendation from the accounting program’s chair, and write a one-page statement of their proposed career plan in government. Recipients will be chosen based on past academic record, work experience, career goals, recommendations, and GPA.

National Society of Accountants Scholarship Program

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Current accounting scholarships for SOA students include:

How to Apply
The application for accounting scholarships is an editable PDF. Click on the scholarship application and then choose to open the file using Adobe Acrobat. Fill out the scholarship application and save it to your computer. Please email the form (and any essays, documentation or other materials required) to

Current accounting scholarships for SOA students include:

Please use the subject line Accounting Scholarship Application and make sure all the necessary documents are included in a single email.

Accounting Scholarships available for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 are listed below:
Do you like working with both people and numbers? If so, accounting might be the career path for you. This popular major stresses communication and critical thinking skills while also teaching the art and science of number crunching. Also popular are accounting scholarships. Continue reading to find out more.Accounting degree programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some programs stress applied knowledge while others favor theory-based instruction. Some programs are stand-alone 4-year bachelor's programs while others are 5-year combined bachelor and master's. Some programs feature an internship as a degree requirement while others do not. Be aware of your educational and vocational goals and make sure they match the educational outcomes of the program in question.Typical courses you'll enroll in as an accounting major include taxation, financial statement analysis, auditing and information systems. Of course, also included will be beginning, intermediate and advanced accounting. If your program requires an internship you'll work as an accounting assistant in an actual business setting while receiving course credit. In addition to the core accounting courses you will also enroll in a number of liberal arts and humanities electives.The majority of undergraduate accounting degree programs are designed to provide a generalized accounting education. If you want to specialize you'll have to wait to get to the graduate level. However, there are a small number of bachelor's programs with specific emphasis such as auditing or information systems. At the graduate level, the most popular degree program is the Master's of Business Administration in Accounting (MBA). Other graduate degree areas of concentration include cost accounting, forensic accounting and managerial accounting.The career outlook for accountants is quite strong. Career options will be most robust for those with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification. Degree candidate interested in pursuing CPA status will need to complete 150 credit hours of course work. If becoming a CPA is part of your vocational goals, you'll probably want to select a combined bachelor's and master's degree program. The more traditional 4-year programs will not provide you with the academic stats you'll need to pursue certification.Continue reading below to explore the many accounting scholarship possibilities.To be considered for these accounting scholarships, a student must fill out the general scholarship application available at the bottom of the page at in February or March.
Continue reading below to explore the many accounting scholarship possibilities.

L. Paul Kassouf Forensic Accounting Scholarship

Accountants know the value of saving money, so it’s no surprise that there are many wonderful accounting scholarships available for aspiring accountants. Here are 30 quality scholarships for which any qualifying accounting student should apply.

The Government Finance Officers Association Frank L. Greathouse Accounting Scholarship

UAB Accounting Alumni Scholarship

Many national organizations and state CPA societies have created accounting scholarships to support the academic endeavors of financially savvy students seeking to become accountants.

The Government Finance Officers Association Frank L. Greathouse Accounting Scholarship

List of Accounting Scholarships - Masters in Accounting

These accounting scholarships are designated for undergraduate student enrolled full-time in an accounting degree program at a 2 year or 4 year college or university. Must be U.S. or Canadian citizen. Criteria includes academic achievement, leadership ability and financial need. For more information and to apply online for these Accounting Scholarships see .