Q1. For which forms will I be able to submit certifications online?

Developed with the educational experience gained from 150 years of shaping minds, Saint Joseph’s University’s unique online teacher certification program provides an educational environment that challenges you to reach your highest intellectual potential.

The OATCERT program accommodates nearly any schedule and gives you the freedom to earn your degree and achieve your educational goals while meeting your professional obligations. The OATCERT Certification only requires 30 credits to complete. You can for more details on the curriculum.

Q2. What do I need to be able to submit certifications online?

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Become a Nabard-certified Log Trainer and condition your body while challenging others.

Certification only available through the original creator of Log Training, Marco Safakhoo. Safakhoo's Log Training Certification Course Will Teach You:

The AFAA Certification Online Course

I took the personal training certification online from AFAA and is was a reasonable experience. I have my four year degree so reading the textbook wasn't …

phlebotomy certification online
The capability for submitting certifications online will be added to one FCC form at a time, beginning with the Funding 2002 Form 470 and Form 471. When each form is available for electronic certification, an announcement will be posted in the What’s New section of this web site.
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“The Texas Restaurant Association makes it easy for my employees to get all of their required certifications online, quickly and affordably. I know that the revenue TRA earns goes back to support the industry through our non-profit association.” – Jerry Morales

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An authorized person needs a PIN and a User ID to be able to submit certifications online. You must go to the of the SLD web site to apply for a PIN and a User ID.

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For which forms will I be able to submit certifications online

Why get your CPR certification online? Because four out of five cardiac arrests happen at home. Because nearly 383,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur on an annual basis outside of the hospital. And because your loved ones — and your patients — are relying on you.