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Boston College is a top college. Find out essential Boston College admission statistics, including Boston College acceptance rate, Boston College SAT scores, and Boston College admission requirements. Learn how to become the best applicant you can be.

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What almost killed me about Stuy** was the realization during senior year that so much of it is really geared towards getting students into universities. There are aspects of this that are mutually beneficial for both the school and the students, and aspects of this that are really only good for the school (and not the individuals involved, including the teachers). On the good side, there's a lot of institutional support for getting students involved in research - especially for math, where there's a very active push to get calculus out of the way so you can focus on more interesting problems. I really loved this part of Stuy. On the not so good side, I would argue that it's difficult to find teachers who can serve as good mentors. As I understand it, all teachers have to teach 5 periods - meaning that most teachers have to assess 170 students a day. The process involved for the "counselor's recommendation" for college applications is similarly stressful for both students and teachers and has the potential to be very impersonal. Almost as if to play with our heads, the college office annually publishes a list of college admissions statistics based on last year's class that includes the highest GPA rejected and the lowest GPA accepted.

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The Waterford School recently released its college admissions statistics for the 2012 graduating class. One hundred percent of Waterford’s Class of 2012 has been accepted to four-year colleges or universities. Over the past 5 years, Waterford students have matriculated to 95 different colleges and universities.

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