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Real-world learning experiences such as career-oriented classes, internships, and community service help prepare students for professional life. Students also gain confidence in their ability to write, research, and think analytically as they prepare to apply to colleges and universities.

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Community service helps everyone in all kinds of way. Not only learning

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Many colleges and universities are now looking at what a student does beyond just academics. They are interested in knowing: How are you helping others? Can you commit to long term projects? Are you thinking of the "big picture" or just about yourself? Many colleges want to see the "whole" student, not just the report card and SAT student. Community service helps paint the picture of the entire student.

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*****If you have a project coming up and you require Community Service help please . However, we need three to four weeks notice and you must be a valid non for profit agency.

responsibility, community service also helps students meet new people and encouragie
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Yes, you CAN do community service online IF your judge approves of it. Here is more about that -- unlike Community Service Help, I'm not selling the info, I provide it freely:

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I did my community service on the computer at community service help. Forget doing it the hard way! peace

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