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ENGL: 4610: Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction . A workshop class exploring the writing of fiction. May be repeated for credit. An introductory creative writing class and permission of instructor are prerequisites.

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The Department of Creative Writing offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The three degree programs emphasize the primary importance of the study and practice of imaginative writing in the genres of creative nonfiction, fiction, playwriting, and poetry. All three degree programs combine an intense workshop requirement and a variety of special topic creative process classes with requirements in the English Department. The core literature classes assure that students will continue to absorb and be trained in a study of the best literature of the past. In Creative Writing classes, students work with an active, publishing faculty. They learn by vigorous practice; by focused studies of craft; and by extensive reading, analysis, and discussion of their own work, as well as that of published authors.

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In our creative writing classes you will generate brand new work and discover new material for any works-in-process you are creating. We will teach you exercises that will help you gain confidence in your writing and a greater awareness of what your unique creative process needs to flourish.

We use many different techniques to help you on your writer’s journey. You will be doing free writing, writing from guided visualizations, collaborative writing, journaling and memoir and even some drawing, photography, and mindfulness.

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English 130, 131, 132H, 133H & 138 the introductory classes, are pre-requisites to other Creative Writing Program classes.130 and 131 are open for registration by RISING SOPHOMORES ONLY during Spring semester for the following Fall and for CURRENT SOPHOMORES ONLY during Fall semester for the following Spring. Rising or current sophomores may register for ENGL 130, ENGL 131 OR ENGL 138. Demand by sophomores regularly exceeds the number of seats available. Enrollment of juniors and seniors is on a space-available basis by permission of the instructor, and they may inquire of the instructor during the first week of classes to see if seats are available. ENGL 130 and 131 are sometimes offered during summer sessions with no registration restrictions. Please always review summer session course listings for any changes or updates.Tulane’s outstanding undergraduate program in creative writing offers classes in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and screenwriting – all in America’s most storied literary city.

We offer our undergraduates unparalleled opportunities to develop as writers, including master classes, event management internships, teaching internships in the community, short-term writing residencies, a student reading series, a literary journal, and travel to conferences and festivals.

Students from all departments and disciplines are welcome to take classes in creative writing.

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The Creative Writing Program, centered in the Department of English and Comparative Literature , offers four different levels of workshops - introductory, intermediate, advanced, and senior honors - which can lead to graduation with Honors in Creative Writing and/or a Minor in Creative Writing. The minor requires 15 hours, a total of 5 courses which students need to begin by their sophomore year, at the rate of one Creative Writing class per semester. The minor may be completed by pursuing a fiction track or a poetry track, or via multiple genres. Advancement to in either the fiction or poetry sequence is by recommendation of the student's previous instructor(s), and for both the Advanced workshops and year-long Senior Honors Seminars, by application. If possible, the student is assigned to a different instructor for each course. Should students not advance beyond the Intermediate level, they may choose to finish the minor with other classes offered in Creative Writing. Creative Writing minors receive priority in all Creative Writing classes and usually fill all seats.

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We’re excited to announce some brand new creative writing classes that bring together our hands-on writing workshops and classic classroom instruction. One workshop helps you learn or brush up on your fiction writing skills, another to learn about the art of the short story, and one specifically for people working on a television show or web series.

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The creative writing program is dedicated to students' development in the three writing genres: fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction. Your creative writing classes are taught by professional writers, and may include classes in book making and desktop publishing. There is also a magazine internship at the and a portfolio class to complete a book-length manuscript. The program can even help prepare you to earn a bachelor's degree in creative writing.