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Select 15 credits of literature, language, and film courses at or above the 300 level. No more than 5 credits of film studies courses may be counted as elective credits in the Professional and Creative Writing Major.

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Creative Writing Majors must complete the following course work.

A new Labor Department report shows the demand for creative writing majors grew last year to its highest level ever, making a bachelor’s degree in the field more valuable than even a triple major in engineering, computer science and business.

Creative Writing Majors must complete the following course work.

Rob Steggert, one of thousands of wealthy creative writing majors, driving past his former university in Boulder, Colorado. “Life as a creative writing major is sweet,” he said.

BW is one of only two schools in Northeast Ohio offering a creative writing major.
The Creative Writing Major (30 hours) and (21 hours) emphasize interdisciplinarity and experimentation through the exploration of poetry, fiction, hybrid genres, and multimedia literature. The curriculum incorporates a comprehensive approach to creative writing and critical reading, as well as experience with new media. Students learn to draw from a range of contemporary artistic practices to explore the relationship between language and aesthetic structures. We offer a sequence of workshops introducing students to a wide variety of writing styles, methods, and forms while enabling students to focus on selected areas of interest. The major in Creative Writing concludes with a Capstone Project and student performance of original work.Undergraduates in creative writing learn about the process of submitting for publication, and many publish original works while still in the program. Topics courses are dual-listed with courses in the Arkansas Writers MFA Workshop, allowing for a close interaction with an ambitious set of graduate students. Internships, individualized mentoring, and specialized courses in pedagogy and craft help prepare students for career opportunities in creative fields. UCA’s creative writing major also prepares graduates to pursue MA and MFA degrees in creative writing and other closely related studies in the arts and humanities.Creative Writing Majors are required to take twice under different topic subtitles. Both and can be repeated multiple times by both Majors and Minors as restricted electives so long as topic subtitles are different.If you’re a creative writing major, what can you do differently to get the most out of your education? And if you’re out of college or practicing writing on your own, what can you learn from my mistakes?
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ENG 413 Creative Writing Capstone (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: Two upper-level writing courses; creative writing majors or minors with senior standing.
Capstone course in the creative writing concentration; provides a workshop setting for students with substantial creative writing projects.

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Lots of creative writing majors suffer from a condition I’ll call Beatnik Syndrome. They become too emotionally involved with writing, speaking about it lovingly and poetically, as if writing were their significant other. Like a beatnik, their ethos is: “It’s all about the feeling, man.”

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The 36-hour Creative Writing major is designed for creative writers, professional writers, future educators, pre-professional students, editors, publishers, journalists, technical writers, media studies students, students in the fine arts, and students intending to continue to graduate school in creative writing, linguistics, education, composition, rhetoric, journalism, media, and English. The primary focus of the degree is to prepare students for careers in a workplace that is information-rich and that increasingly values communication skills and the ability to think creatively and critically.