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(1997-2013) was developed to facilitate independent analysis of national data on the characteristics of youth held in residential placement facilities, including detailed information about the youth's age, sex, race/ethnicity, placement status, length of stay, and most serious offense. This data analysis tool includes a large set of pre-defined tables detailing the characteristics of juvenile offenders in custody (age, sex, race/ethnicity, offense, type of facility, and placement status). Users can view custody profiles for a single jurisdiction or State Comparison tables. This application was updated on 10/1/2015.

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is also a good data analysis tool. It's convenient to use and powerful to handle big data.

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In today’s fast paced business world, smart data analysis tools are essential to successfully manage a business. With the increasing global competition and customer demands from all over the world, you’ll need to know how to push your company forward and find out which parts of your business are lagging behind.

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In this environment where the right information and insights are the key of success for a company, we at datapine are putting an easy-to-use data analysis tool at your fingertips. Whether you need performance reports or sales figures, want numbers from the last week or data from the last year, you’ll need trusted tools to analyze data to be able to make the rights decisions. datapine saw this need and have developed a full service BI solution that encompasses cutting-edge data analysis, data visualization, and that put accessible, readable and actionable data at your fingertips.

PV Analyzer I-V Data Analysis Tool facilitates analysis of multiple data sets using Microsoft Excel™.
Westat Data Explorer--. This new data analysis tool was developed by Westat with support of NCJJ's OJJDP-funded National Juvenile Justice Data Analysis Program. The NIS–4 data, collected in 2005 and 2006 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families, provide updated estimates of the number of children who are abused or neglected. NIS-4 data combine information about children whose maltreatment was investigated by child protective services with data on maltreated children identified by professionals. NIS-4 also provides information on the nature and severity of the maltreatment, as well as the characteristics of children, perpetrators, and families involved. The Analysis ToolPak is an Excel add-in program that provides data analysis tools for financial, statistical and engineering data analysis. (1985-2013) lets users access data on juvenile court processing of more than 40 million delinquency cases, including information on the age, sex, and race of juveniles involved, the use of detention, adjudication and disposition. This data analysis tool also includes pre-formatted tables describing the demographic characteristics of youth involved in the juvenile justice system and how juvenile courts process these cases. This application was updated on 4/27/2015. As one of the best data analysis tools, datapine returns the power of your data to you by making it easy to keep all decision makers and stakeholders up-to-date in the reporting process. Reports can also be automated so that everyone who needs to be on the same page as you can be. There is no need to recreate dashboards or setup charts twice and no need to set any reminders; datapine’s single solution is packed with various analysis functions and options that will do the hard work for you.
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RAC’s cloud-based RACER Data Analysis Tool (DAT) incorporates relational databases and powerful user interface tools in a workflow developed by scientists that possess a deep understanding of the technical data-related demands of complicated environmental sites. The system offers great benefits in data analysis, document management, and user centralization and removes the need for users to install and maintain desktop software. The RACER DAT system was built to deliver solutions to our clients’ need for access to their data and associated answers to technical questions. In that context, development on the RACER platform is never ending as the RAC team continues to add features and enhancements to benefit its clients.

Discusses how to find and install the Data Analysis ToolPak or Solver add-in for Excel for Mac.

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Whether you need an that your colleagues can also get on board with or simply want a reliable and robust tool that speaks your language, datapine has the answer. We have developed our dynamic and intuitive data analysis tool for ease of use. Our work with organizations across the globe has shown that for data to be useful, it needs to be accessible and understandable to the decision makers.

data analysis tools for financial, statistical and engineering data analysis.

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InspireData® is a powerful data analysis tool. As students visually explore data in science, mathematics and social studies, they improve data literacy and strengthen important analytical skills.