Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Writing

Since writing does not require hands-on training, online degrees in writing are popular. Students in online writing programs can share drafts of work and send feedback to other writers via email or online forums. Online degrees in writing allow students to work at their own pace, writing when inspiration strikes. Online writing programs may also be a great choice for working students who want to improve their writing skills for professional or personal reasons.

What Can I do With a Master's Degree in Writing?

Whether you have a degree in writing / journalism or not makes no difference.

Masters Degree In Professional Writing

Writing focused programs can take many forms, from creative writing to journalism to marketing copy. No matter the specialty, a writing portfolio is an essential element for writers on the job market. Many degree programs in writing offer opportunities either in class or through internships for writers to gain experience by writing fiction, reporting news stories or crafting advertising copy.

Should you study for a degree in Creative Writing

Bachelor’s degrees in creative writing (BFA/CW) can be obtained online. Before you enroll in a program, take some time to explore your goals as a writer so that you can get the maximum benefit from the online university you choose.

Hugh Howey, the successful self-published and self made author did not have any degree in writing.
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What Can I do With a Master's Degree in Writing

I don't have an English or Writing-related degree in any way. As of right now, I have no degree, but what I mean is that I'm not even pursuing a degree in writing.

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Before You Get a Master's Degree in Creative Writing

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing is a degree program for students wishing to specialize in writing as an area of expertise. Students will develop advanced writing skills with emphasis on writing in digital environments such as web authoring and multimedia writing; on writing for and in diverse public and disciplinary communities; and on editing and publishing in a variety of professional contexts. The major prepares students for careers in professional editing and publishing, technical writing, information development, communications management, web design, and web authoring. It may further prepare students for graduate work in rhetoric, writing, technical writing, the teaching of writing, and the study of culture.

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Foundation Degree in Writing for Performance - Ruskin College

The notion of a Master’s program as a place for practice, observation, or testing is reflected well in my experience moving through the MA in Writing at DePaul and later into PhD work. My intention, upon entering the MWR was not PhD study; indeed, I started the program at DePaul with the aim of going into publishing and editing. I was working retail jobs at the time and imagined that a second degree would offer me a way up the class ladder. Perhaps, like most undergraduates beginning graduate study, I was drawn toward the MWR only with the felt sense that I knew I needed to pursue my attraction to words, in whatever form that took. At the same time, upon entering the program, I didn’t know exactly what I hoped to do beyond the MWR; as a result, I chose a program that would foster diverse interests in writing without the limitations of a degree in creative writing. Like many students entering DePaul’s MWR program, I had little interest or experience in teaching writing, no background in writing and rhetoric studies, and no knowledge of the discipline as a specialized field.