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Scrivener, L. (2009). An exploratory analysis of history students’ dissertation acknowledgements. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 35(3), 241-251.

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AbstractHuman-animal studies (has) is a legitimate and multidisciplinary academic endeavor. In the last three decades, there has been a proliferation of articles revealing multiple ways of knowing about the human-animal relationship. This paper, informed by social psychological theories, turns the mirror upon new researchers as they emerge as professional selves into academia. Post-graduate students engage multiple and sometimes contradicting identities throughout their candidatures. The unit of analysis is the dissertation acknowledgement (da) at both a structural and functional level. The das have recently become objects of serious empirical investigation as linguistic choice promotes a situated academic, cultural, and social identity in a moment of time. This paper examines the generic structure and purpose of 104 das, with a particular focus on the student-writer’s identity with relationship to nonhuman animals in their lives. Fourteen sub-themes are subsumed into thanking, reflecting, and announcing moves. A case is made that the study of das is a potentially fecund research area for a unique moment of identity construction.

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Writing an acknowledgement is not a difficult task if you are aware of the basic requirements. Use thesaurus for synonymous words and phrases, read a few how to write a dissertation acknowledgement articles and sample dissertations, get your writing proofread by provided by .

Hyland, K. (2004). Graduates’ gratitude: the generic structure of dissertation acknowledgements. English for Specific Purposes, 23(3), 303-324.
This section is often written at the last minute. If you're in a rush, we've put together an article that should help you write your dissertation acknowledgements section in 10 minutes or less. It's certainly not the only way to write the acknowledgments section, but it's a fairly robust one. You can access it . However, since the person marking your dissertation may also have helped you at some point, it is worth spending more time getting this right if you can.Write your Dissertation Acknowledgement Page. Friday, January 2nd, 2009. When you are going to compose the dissertation requirement, you are bothered with
Hyland, K. (2003). Dissertation Acknowledgements: The Anatomy of a Cinderella Genre. Written Communication, 20(3), 242-268.

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A dissertation acknowledgement, is where the student gives thanks to those that helped them. It is often hard to sort out who should be included, and who can be left out, as all those that supported the student, could be acknowledged. As their help or support, helped the student through with the tough project. But there is only so much room to list these people. So how to decide who gets listed, and who does not? An example can help with making that decision, and make it a little easier.

Author. (2013, in press). A genre analysis of PhD dissertation acknowledgements across disciplinary variations. LSP Journal (3)2.

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Apr 15, 2009 A dissertation acknowledgement is written in gratitude to the people who For sample lines that comes in this type of an acknowledgement

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Take a look back at your list of contributors, and be sure to mention the members of academia who helped you complete your dissertation or thesis. Again, you only have room for major contributors, not your freshman biology professor. Professionals to include could be advisors, upper-level professors, lab assistants, librarians, colleagues, or classmates. Anyone who assisted you in researching, conducting experiments and surveys, or writing could be a candidate for you to include in your dissertation acknowledgement. For academic contributors whom you choose to mention in your acknowledgements, you should use their full names and titles. However, if you are mentioning friends, you might consider only using first names to protect their identities. If several people within a large group assisted you, you only need to state the group name.