Dissertation Boot Camp “Before Dawn”—session 2

Dissertation Boot camp is an intensive workshop designed to provide dedicated and quiet writing space for students who are looking to jumpstart their dissertation, thesis, article, or proposal writing process.

Dissertation Boot Camp "After Dark"—session 3

Preparation for the Humanities & Arts Dissertation Boot Camp (for those accepted)

Dissertation Boot Camp—session 4

Express Bootcamp is a NEW program from Graduate Student Services. We are offering a shortened version of our Dissertation Bootcamp! Express Bootcamps are one-day work sessions located on campus to fit your busy life as a graduate student. While we still require students to adhere to our strict boot camp guidelines, to atmosphere is a bit more relaxed and a shorter time commitment designed for specific goals or to jumpstart a project or writing commitment. Find out more information about our typical Express Dissertation Boot Camp experience by clicking here for a Schedule.

Dissertation Boot Camp "Before Dawn"—session 5

Weekend Camp is an off-site Wifi Free excursion. During the weekend experience, students sign a commitment contract and are exposed to yoga, massages, and lunchtime speakers. The event takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Moundville Archaeological Park as you get your work done. Find out more information about our typical Weekend Dissertation Boot Camp experience by clicking here for a typical .

Preparation for the Qualitative Social Sciences Dissertation Boot Camp (for those accepted)
Comments from previous doctoral students indicate that one of the biggest challenges to completing a dissertation is simply finding dedicated time, absent from distractions and interruptions, to make progress. Our Dissertation Boot Camps provide a dedicated time and location for students to come together and work toward the completion of their dissertations.An additional benefit to participating in boot camp is that of making connections with other Marquette doctoral students from various academic disciplines. Many current and prior students have indicated that writing a dissertation is often accompanied by a sense of isolation. Dissertation Boot Camp provides an opportunity to meet others, work side by side with them, and establish a sense of community.Dissertation Boot Camp is a three-day intensive writing workshop that provides the focus, structure, and motivation to help address and overcome some of the typical roadblocks doctoral students may encounter during the dissertation writing process. Participants will have access to a quiet, comfortable working environment, writing support, daily lunch and snacks, and opportunities for personal reflection.Summer Dissertation Boot Camps are free of charge for registered UCLA graduate and professional students, and only UCLA graduate students are eligible to participate.
Preparation for the Humanities & Arts Dissertation Boot Camp (for those accepted)

Dissertation Boot Camp—session 10

"I enjoyed the Dissertation Boot Camp and Thesis Persistence 101 programs that were offered by the SGS. These programs helped to keep me motivated during my candidacy exams and through the initial stages of dissertation writing. I was able to sustain the writing momentum that these programs generated, long after they ended. My favorite part was the friendly and supportive writing community that was formed during these programs. Not only did I get to meet some new friends in other faculties, but I also received useful support from sessions with learning strategists and writing consultants. Participants also had a fantastic cheerleader in Colette, the SGS Manager, who kept us all energized!"

Homework for those accepted to the Social Sciences Dissertation Proposal Boot Camp:

Sort of like Dissertation Boot Camp? Or not?

Dissertation Boot Camp helps students learn to write more productively, and often to produce better writing, by providing four critical elements : 1) space with minimal distractions; 2) writing regimen/routine; 3) peer motivation and support; and 4) expert writing consultants. While the program focuses on helping students improve writing productivity, we also hope that students will take away with them writing habits and strategies that will aid them in writing projects in the future. To learn more about what to expect in a Dissertation Boot Camp, and for information about our policies, please download our .

Thank you for your interest in our January 2016 Dissertation Boot Camp from January 11-15, 2016!

How do I sign up for Thesis & Dissertation Boot Camp?

The Dissertation Boot Camp is designed to enable you to make substantial progress in writing your thesis in a supportive and distraction free environment and to join a community of other thesis writers.