I’ve heard that a DIY Will is cheaper, is this the case?

I should confess that I am a lawyer and my firm does offer DIY Wills. But we offer people who prefer the DIY option a way through the quagmire of unknown unknowns. Before doing a DIY Will with us, people must go online and complete a free ‘’. This system helps identify any issues that may require assistance in the process of preparing your Will – we even offer a free consultation if you do need assistance. For many, many people the self-assessment will be completed and no red flags will be raised and they can be satisfied that they aren’t walking on cracked ice. For others, red flags will be raised and they will be advised of the nature of the issues requiring attention thus arming them with the knowledge to seek appropriate advice– from any lawyer they choose.

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But … DIY Wills are not right for everyone – and just because they look straightforward doesn’t mean things can’t go expensively, and upsettingly, wrong.

❏ DIY will kits should be used only in the simplest of circumstances.

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This websites gives you everything you need to know about making a will, and writing a will, in the UK (Englandand Wales). Including information about free Wills, Online Wills and DIY Wills. We recommend that you make yourWill with one of the Online Will Services for the best value for money and speed.James Kessler QC says: "A badly drawn will can often be worse than no will at all." However, although mistakes are more likely to crop up in DIY wills, Kessler admits that lawyers can also get it wrong.Making a Will online is probably the best option available. It is both cheaper and faster than using a solicitor and, in most cases, avoids the pitfalls of cheap diy wills....read our PageThis is a common problem with DIY wills. Many people simply regurgitate standard will clauses gleaned from self-help books, or copied from the internet, without fully understanding what they mean.
We often see DIY Wills not dated correctly or sometimes, not having been dated at all.

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Not always; think long term! DIY Wills can be as little as £10, with professionally drafted Wills from £250 (excluding VAT) . Although you may be saving money initially, many DIY Wills face at least one legal challenge when they come to be used. The cost of putting things right is often more than a professionally drafted Will.

A DIY Legal Will Kit might be suitable for you. But it probably won’t be if:

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It can be a minefield. You only have to answer one question incorrectly or miss filling in one thing, to cause major problems later on. The reason most people buy a DIY Legal Will Kit to is save money. What they don’t realise is, that there is a very good chance they are not saving money at all, and in fact it will cost significantly more when it comes time to administer their estate, than if they had of paid a lawyer to just draft the Will in the first place. And that’s not counting the stress, heartache and emotional toll it may take on your family and friends in trying to sort things out, when they are already having to deal with their grief.

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Solicitors are held accountable for their actions on many levels. Their profession is governed by statutes and their practices are overseen by the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Solicitors also have to answer to client complaints through the Legal Complaints Service. If a mistake is made using a DIY will writing kit you have no recourse. Solicitors, on the other hand, are legally required to carry negligence insurance and also to contribute to a compensation fund. Solicitors must continue their professional education in order to renew their practicing certificate each year. Consider it, you have the choice between a highly skilled professional, overseen on many legal and governmental levels or an unregulated stranger who was trained in a short course.