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Answer: Yes, wills can be as simple as a writting "Bob gets it all" on the back of a store reciept. I would not advise this. Handwritten wills can be contested easily in a court of law, since it wouldn't be difficult to alter after your death. Also, "Do It Yourself Wills" which are extremely popular are also easy to contest in a court of law. These programs are not very specific and since laws vary from state to state, they sometimes can be inneffective and extremely costly to your benifactor to uphold.

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On of the meanings of DIY has been interpreted to include do it yourself legal matters. There are many applications because of the wide availability of do it yourself wills,do-it-yourself contracts and all other types of do-it-yourself legal forms which are now available to the general public at well below the levels of price which are required where illegal representative is employed. The great advantage of do-it-yourself legal systems is that they are highly customisable to your individual and specific needs and do not incur the costs of employing legal representation which in the present legal services market is always extremely expensive.

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