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Copy editing is certainly not everyone’s piece of cakke. Did you realize that we misspelled cake? Editing writing the missed out words and rephrasing to bring out clarity in your message is what we are good at. Not to mention the punctuation error that we just made. It takes a trained, impartial eye to realize when two pieces don’t fit. And we have many of them!

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The art of writing and the rounds of revisions necessary to produce a well-written, error-free document demand a great deal of creativity, concentration and technical skill. Anyone who wants to communicate a professional message, advance a business, creative or academic career or present an appealing image through the written word can benefit from editing and writing assistance. Even veteran professional writers rely on a second pair of eyes to rework and polish manuscripts before publication.

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Edit Write Online offers professional online proofreading, editing and writing services, from sentence-by-sentence copyediting to substantive rewriting of a wide range of forms. Whether it's an academic paper, a business document, a creative article or manuscript, a legal brief, Web site content or simply a cover letter, Edit Write Online will provide you with a coherent, concise and clean final draft. Additionally, for the client who has managed to compile only the bare bones of a rough draft, Edit Write Online offers research and writing services to whip your ideas into a finished copy you'll be proud to present to your reader.

This quick reference guide, ‘Editing Writing’ explains the process and the importance of editing. Answer sheet provided with file download.
From letters to articles, essays to résumés, Edit Write Online is committed to providing customers a quality and dependable editing and writing service tailored to the unique needs of each client at competitive rates. Read us, explore our suite of , and your document for an obligation-free price quote. Submission and delivery of all documents are via fast and efficient electronic transfer, and payment is made securely through PayPal online.You have finally finished your report for school. You carefully look it over, but of course, you're too good to have done anything wrong. When your teacher hands it back a week later, your report is covered in red pen. How did this happen! It looks like you need to edit your writing better.You could also ask someone else to edit your writing. But be careful: another student (especially an ESL student) may not find all your grammar mistakes or may correct something that is not wrong. So even if you do get editing help, you should certainly do a final check yourself. (The final check before publishing is called proofreading.)Editing writing pieces is important for every company to make sure the messages are carried out in a professional manner. Editing writing done by our professional editors is a primary step towards making an impression on your visitors. Each and every visitor that comes to your website scrutinizes your content and creates an image of the company. With poorly written content or unedited content, your visitors are inclined towards getting a bad impression of your company.
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"The Craft of Editing" is about the craft of editing scientific writing. It is designed to help you - and all those who deal with scientific and technical writing by others in universities, government labs, businesses, or engineering firms - become more effective and more efficient at editing the proposals, theses, journal articles, and reports that cross your desk and which you must approve, grade, or review.

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Because so many people find writing difficult, they tend to avoid it as long as possible, finishing just before the deadline and not taking the care required for quality revisions. The writing ends up dry and wordy, replete with spelling errors and comma splices, barely held together with an argument that wanders. These errors distract the reader and discredit the writer.

Have a friend or teacher edit your writing. Be sure to show the edits.

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This quick reference guide, ‘Editing Writing Guide’ supports students as they revise a first draft and provides proofing marks and a sequencing activity. Answer sheet provided with file download.