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Check out this firm for quality English classes online and on-site. They offer individual and group instruction on accent pronunciation and modification, academic writing, general speaking and more.

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If you can't study in the United States right now, you can begin by taking English classes online with our professional language educators. The classes are all individualized so you can learn what you need to learn. You meet your teacher at a convenient time for both of you. Most students use

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You'll probably find as many free English language classwork online as any other course, with the possible exception of business classes. The list of English literature, grammar, and composition courses are huge. But the courses above let you gain more practical mastery of the English language, to improve your life prospects and your business prospects.

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Our classes offer an excellent price/quality relationship. Because our English classroom is online we don't have to pay office expenses. This saving is passed on to you, the student. At the same time we offer all the advantages of the latest technology to make your class the best possible.

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Hello!My name is Barbara and I am offering English classes online. I have Master's in teaching English and 5 years of experience. If you are interested in d...

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