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Writing is one of the important skill topics taught to junior high school students especially eight grade of junior high school students. They may have problem in studying writing since English is not their mother tongue and it has different rule to Indonesian writing. Students cannot write well because they have limited knowledge in English grammar and vocabulary and sometimes the teacher changes the activities because the students cannot express what they have in mind, due to their insufficient knowledge. Therefore, the teacher should have alternative ways to teach writing. Coming from the background, the writer focused her study in teaching English Writing Classes to the eighth grade students. She used Peer-Editing as her Technique in teaching writing. The main problem discussed in this study was to determine if the use of Peer-Editing Technique is effective in teaching writing to the eight grade of junior high school and the objective was to know the students’ achievement during teaching learning process by using this technique. This study was conducted through an action research. The writer applied two cycles of action research. She began her study by giving a pre-test, cycle I and cycle II, a post-test, and a questionnaire. The writer took the eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 2 Karangawen as the subject of the study. Based on the data analysis, the writer found that there was a significant difference of the result of the students’ pre-test and post-test. The result of the research showed that the students’ progress in mastering English writing especially writing recount text was good. The average achievement of the students’ pre-test was 42.06%, in the first cycle was 56.46 %, in the second cycle was 71.54%, and the result of the post-test was 75.43% . The main factor affecting this improvement was the students’ interest in the material given that was the peer-editing. Based on the result, the writer concludes that teaching English writing by using peer-editing technique is very beneficial for the students in order to facilitate them in writing. It is suggested that using peer-editing technique in teaching writing in English especially writing recount text should be recommended for the English teacher. In addition, it is recommended that the technique to be applied in class regularly and continually.

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(2009) Peer Editing as a Technique for English Writing Classes (A Classroom Action Research of Grade VIII Students of SMP Negeri 2 Karangawen Demak in the Academic Year of 2008/2009). Under Graduates thesis, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

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The concept of the reading/writing connection can be manifested in manyinstructional activities. In this section, a sample course isintroduced to demonstrate practical applications of reading/writingconnection in EFL contexts. In particular, it is targeting collegestudents in English writing classes in Taiwan.

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Course designs for Basic English Writing classes vary from one course to another. The objective of this study was to investigate the semantic misinterpretation of English words found in the English compositions written by native-Chinese-speaking undergraduate students and to overcome if such a barrier occurred in the process of writing. First, this study made use of both linguistic and literary theories in an attempt of exemplifying the existence of the translation and semantic misinterpretation adopted by undergraduate students when writing in English. This hypothesis could be proved by the detached relation between the sign and the referent, or in Saussures terminology, between the signifier and the signified, in particular in translating from Chinese into English. This study included an experimental course structure, which consisted of some feasible teaching methods. These methods were applied to Basic English Writing classes investigated in the present study. They were dictionary-consulting activities, team discussions (brainstorming as a team), sentence-making activities in which signal words were used, and team writing activities, in order to improve the students writing skills and his or her vocabulary size. Test instruments included a pretest (pre-class questionnaires) and a posttest (a midterm writing test). Targeted students were Chinese non-English majors taking Basic English Writing (BEW) classes. The students in the treatment group performed better in the posttest than those in the control group. Moreover, the students, who failed to get into the habit of consulting English dictionaries, did not perform better than those consistently consulting English dictionaries. It seems that the experimental course structure may facilitate university students learning of how to write in English.

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Cheng, W. Y. (2006). The Use of a Web-based Writing Program in College English Writing Classes in Taiwan— A Case Study of MyAccess. Unpublished Master’s thesis. National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.


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