Below are some tips to help prepare for an essay examination.

Here's what happens to most students who write rough drafts during essayexaminations. They can't afford much time to think or plan, because they have tosave enough time for rewriting. They write their drafts with panicky speed,because they have to save enough time for rewriting. They that theywill find and fix any errors when they recopy, and they do find and fix some;but because they are so pressured to finish the test before time is up, they arerecopying as fast as they were drafting, and they commonly add as many newerrors as they fix old ones. If you have a take-home exam with ample time, roughdrafts are useful. If you have two hours to write, but only thirty minutes worthof questions to deal with, rough drafts may be useful. But if there is anyserious time pressure involved, rough drafts work against you.

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The Indiana State Board of Law Examiners has obtained approval from the Indiana Supreme Court to change some of the topics tested on the Indiana Essay Examination. The changes are designed to better reflect the nature of today's law practice. The changes will not be implemented until February 2018.

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The Indiana Essay Examination, consisting of six essays written by the members of the State Board of Law Examiners, is offered in the afternoon session of the first day of the bar exam. Examinees are allocated a total of four hours to answer the six essay questions. The potential subject matters tested are:

: The essay examination consists of six essay questions that cover one or more of the following subjects:
The essay examination is an opportunity for the student to exhibit hisor her knowledge, but more importantly, the essay allows the student toutilize the skills of intellectual debate: analysis, interpretation, andevaluation.Performing well on an essay examination requires chiefly that you know how towrite an effective essay generally, and that you know the material you are beingtested on; but a few additional techniques of preparation and performance canhelp you feel better and do better on essay examinations.Answers on essay examinations may not look like the five-paragraph themes youhave practiced in composition. Some essay answers will take the form of asingle, well-developed paragraphs, while others may be three, or five, or ten ortwelve paragraphs, depending on the complexity of the question, the timeavailable for answering, and the organizational decisions of the writer. Yetgood essay answers share several characteristics of any good essay: they offeran efficient opening, with a clear sense of thesis; they are unified, stickingto what the question asks for; they are well developed, offering sufficientspecific evidence to make the writer's understanding and authority clear; andthey end smoothly.Essay examinations are difficult because of the time pressures, yet you should always try to leave a few minutes at the end to proofread your essay.

1. Ask yourself, before you hand in the essay:
Here's a sample question:

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I can't offer you a full course on study techniques, but let me describe afairly representative pattern that will help you understand and remembermaterial better, gain more from what happens in the classroom, and prepare forthe challenges of essay examinations. (Don't misunderstand my background here—Ihave had way too much experience in procrastination, last-minute cramming,misdirected blame, and reliance on prayer. What I've learned about good practicecomes from many years of stubborn bad practice followed by occasional episodesof good practice, and lots of learning from the good students I have beenprivileged to teach.)

The topics to be tested on the Indiana Essay Examination effective February 18, 2018 are as follows:

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Outlining during an essay examination is sloppier than outlining for an essayor report would be, and it takes some practice, but of all the steps in the testtaking process, I think outlining is the most valuable—even though it's thestep most students resist.

The Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) is developed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners

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We were to have one hour for the exam, and I saw that the test included ten(!) essay questions. I could easily have spent an hour answering any one of thequestions, and could not imagine answering all ten. I absolutely froze,convinced that I couldn't pass the test. I told myself that it didn't matter, Iwasn't in a degree program, I could walk out the door and not look back. Thiswas my first experience of freezing on an exam. I had taken exams for which Iwas unprepared before, horrible experiences (especially one in AnalyticalGeometry my senior year of high school)—but nothing like this. I think I wouldhave walked out, but I was teaching then, telling my own students how to handlethe pressures of essay examinations, and I didn't want to return to my ownclassroom as a hypocrite. So I took my own advice.