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Material remains from sites along the silk routes reflect close relations between long-distance trade and patterns of cultural and religious transmission. Demand for Chinese silk and luxury commodities which were high in value but low in volume stimulated commerce. Valuable items such as lapis lazuli, rubies, and other precious stones from the mountains of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kashmir probably led travelers to venture into these difficult regions. Some of these products became popular items for Buddhist donations, as attested in Buddhist literary references to the "seven jewels" () and reliquary deposits (see Xinru Liu, , pp. 92-102). Long-distance trade in luxury commodities, which were linked with the transmission of Buddhism [see essay on Buddhism and Trade], led to increased cultural interaction between South Asia, Central Asia, and China.

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The final part, 'Buddhism facing New Challenges', starts with an essay by Judith Simmer-Brown on women in Buddhism that is free from the failings in Wetzel's piece. Christopher Queen, a major scholar in the field, gives a good account of the development of socially engaged Buddhism. And Franz Aubrey Metcalf's essay on the encounter of Buddhism and psychology is a wake-up call to those involved in this area. Showing the strong tendency of western culture to 'powerfully [appropriate] Buddhism as psychology', he urges further research so that 'the encounter between psychology and Buddhism avoid[s] diminishing Buddhism in the West'. Ian Harris's historical essay on Buddhism and art is also of interest.

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This essay by Wilber adds proof to my thesis that assessing the validity of Wilber's ideas requires a differential approach. Where he may be brilliant or at least innovative in the area of what he calls the I-space of consciousness (and the current essay on Buddhism would qualify as an example), his ideas related to the We-space of culture and politics are contested, and his suggestions related to the It-space of science (to which evolutionary theory definitely belongs) are less than convincing or even outright wrong.

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Other than sporadic references and short essays on Buddhist missionaries that went to West Asian cities, several centuries after the passing away of the Buddha, there was no major research done on this subject of Buddha’s teachings beyond the Indian sub-continent during the very lifetime of the Buddha.

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