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Here are some essay topics regarding the breast cancer or lung cancer with ideas that you can utilize to write inspirational essay on lung cancer or breast cancer:

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Improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of early breast cancer have led to an increased number of women living with a history of the disease. There are now more than 2.4 million breast cancer survivors in the US alone, and an estimated 10% of these women are of childbearing age., In a landmark essay on cancer survivorship, Fitzhugh Mullen wrote: “The challenge in overcoming cancer is not only to find therapies that will prevent or arrest the disease quickly, but also to map the middle ground of survivorship and minimize medical and social hazards.” For young adults with cancer, the threat or experience of infertility may be a particularly distressing consequence of a cancer diagnosis. In recognition of this concern, and with an awareness of the recent advances in the reproductive sciences, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has published guidelines recommending that oncologists discuss with patients the possibility of infertility when treated during their reproductive years. Furthermore, ASCO suggests that oncologists be prepared to discuss possible fertility preservation options or to refer appropriately. However, many of the available strategies for fertility preservation have not been fully evaluated in terms of both efficacy and safety. These limitations likely hamper discussion of fertility concerns, referrals to reproductive specialists, and the enthusiasm for patients and providers to embrace some of the available options.-

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You should incorporate the following points to write a descriptive essay on lung cancer regarding its threats:

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Students essay on cancer are race and ethnicity essay introduction taught critical thinking skills and effective communication in addition to accounting practices. The baby is hungry.

You should write your essay on breast cancer regarding the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease by implying the following:

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An essay based on the candidate’s doctoral thesis is submitted to the editorial board of Science and four winners are selected and invited to the entire Nobel week in Stockholm for a prize ceremony and to interact with the SciLifeLab community. Alexandrov’s essay will appear today in the online edition of Science, winning in the genomics and proteomics category.

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Although it’s not very difficult to write an essay on cancer but one should think critically to choose topics for cancer essays. There are numerous topics on cancer that you can write on but only a few of them worth praiseworthy. Whether your teacher assigns you to write a breast cancer essay or lung cancer essay; you should either adopt informative, descriptive or conclusive essay topics to write a cancer essay that attracts the audience.