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A few weeks ago published a nice essay on Civil War reenacting. The author asserts that reenacting is in a period of transition as some enthusiasts push for a more holistic understanding of Civil War history, one that strives for “deeper, truer purposes” by explaining why this war was fought in the first place. Moreover, the author argues that “Civil War reenactments are as popular now as they have ever been,” so therefore historical reenactors–and the entire public history field–can and should find ways to use reenacting to disseminate a better understanding of the Civil War to the public.

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- The activity breaks students into seven groups, but is designed to be modular. Feel free to pick and chose which tables you want to use!
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Hilton Head Island is a thriving region on the South Carolina coast where today it is home to modern residential communities and beautiful resorts. However, few people realize at an earlier time on the island, Hilton Head was home to a Civil War military garrison and civilian boom town of more than 40,000 soldiers, residents and entrepreneurs. To remind residents and visitors of this exciting chapter in the island's history, Charles and Faith McCracken edited and published The Forgotten History: A Photographic Essay on Civil War Hilton Head Island.

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Mike's Photo Essay on Civil War Firearms, on Flickr, can be accessed by clicking HERE

The Civil War marked a defining moment in United States history

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A few weeks ago The Bitter Southerner published a nice essay on Civil War reenacting

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