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Essay on fight club - - writing essays , biography, reviews , thesisVideo essay discussing whether Fight Club is really a film about revolution, anarchy and liberation or actually more about fascism, dictatorship.

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I chose to do my first initial reaction essay on Fight Club because of how incredible it is and because of all the material and insight it gives me. Based on the title, most would assume that this would be a film of a bunch of dudes beating the snot out of each other. But, out of all the major themes present in this movie, the fighting is almost insignificant in comparison. A piece of the film that could be considered as playing a minor role in the production is actually one of the most creative and one of the most expensive parts of the film, the title sequence.
The opening scene uses very creative visual effects and follows the narrator's fear
impulse through his brain's neural network pulling out to the gun that is in his mouth.
The title sequence is so smoothly done and could not have been a more perfect way to
introduce the film. Another creative visual effect present in the film is the captions on the
furniture in the narrator's apartment as if it were in a furniture catalogue. Another well-
made visual effect is the ending in which the buildings collapse in the background as the
narrator and Marla Singer hold hands.
An even more creative aspect to the film is the editing. To elaborate, the character
Tyler Durden is a figment of the narrator's imagination and is edited in as a quick flash
four times before the narrator initially meets him. This is significant in that it shows that
Tyler was always there but didn't instigate until the narrator wanted him to. Also, in the
last scene of the film, the editors subtly added a single frame flash of male genitalia, just
like Tyler Durden would insert into films at his projectionist job.
It should go without saying that the actors in this film play a major role in its
success and captivate the tone of the movie perfectly. Credit goes to the casting directors
for choosing the best actors for their suited roles. Edward Norton is one of my favorite
actors because he embodies every characte...

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Taubin begins her essay on Fight Club by asking "what is masculinity?" She then says she will try to answer the question during the course of the essay through Fight Club.
She goes into a paragraph of her idea of masculinity. Some of the characteristics she mentions are, strong, confident, rugged, etc. She then says Jack is the opposite of all of these. She describes Jack as we all know him, and calls him unmasculine under the terms of R.W. Connell who she then quotes.
She then goes into the situation that Jack is in. Going to group therapy for healing. She stresses the importance of these meetings emphasizing on the testicular cancer group. She addresses the role of Jack's crying in these meetings and identifies them with feminine behavior.
Next Taubin explains Jack's resentment for Marla. In this portion of the essay she explains how much Jack hates himself through Marla because she is a double of his. She says that Jack "does not want to be feminine like Marla." She says that he hates everything feminine and with beauty and later displays this when he beats a member of fight club because he " wanted to destroy something beautiful".
She then explains that Jack's urge to fight is the same as his desire to attend the meetings. He has a need to feel alive. This need to be alive is also underlined by the reminders that today’s generation of men have no purpose. Taubin believes this feeling of no purpose is because so many working class men are not the to be the sole "bread earner" and because of it feel as though they have failed at their primary purpose.
Taubin connects this thought to Tyler saying that "we are a generation of men raised by women, and I'm starting to wonder if another woman is really what we need." She says this also adds to why he hates Marla.
Next Taubin speaks of the importance of the basement at Lou's Tavern. She says it is significant to the theme because there are no women, there is no class distinction, and the primary goal is for men to deal with taking a beating.
She then spends time on Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden. She says Pitt is "cool" in Fight Club, not because he is good-looking, but because he is intelligent, has interesting clothes, and has a way with words.
In her conclusion, Taubin comes back to what she thinks masculinity is defined as. She says that simply being male is not enough to be masculine, and says that masculinity has more to do with gender than sex. Taubin only finds masculinity to work when it is contrasted with femininity. She ends her essay with a quote which she believes proves why the theory of masculinity cannot be pinned down in such a way as psychoanalytic theory can.

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Essay on fight club - - writing essays , biography, reviews , thesisVideo essay discussing whether Fight Club is really a film about revolution, anarchy and liberation or actually more about fascism, dictatorship.