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1. Defining Moment: The Threat and Use of Force in American Foreign Policy, by Barry Blechman and Tamara C. Wittes
2. A New Imperial Presidency? Lessons from United States Involvment in Bosnia, by William C. Banks and Jeffrey D. Straussman
3. Public Support for Peacekeeping in Lebanon and Somalia: Assessing the Casualties Hypothesis, by James Burk
4. The Stinger Missile and Lessons of U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan, by Alan J. Kuperman
5. The Panama Invasion Revisited: Lessons for American Use of Force in the Post Cold War Era, by Eytan Gilboa
6. "Disobedient" General and the Politics of Redemocratization: The Clinton Administration and Haiti, by Morris Morley and Chris McGillon
7. The U.S. Role in South Korean Democratization, by James Fowler
8. Mission Impossible: Creating a Grand Strategy for Interventionism, by Robert Jervis

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The American dream described as a world of peace. A student living outside America may describe this in his/her essay. This applies where such a student lives in a country full of dictatorship, violence being the order of the day. A country which operates under no laws with freedom given to the powerful people. One may write an essay to show how one day the American dream will be achieved in his own country. This can be the dream for that little child who is suffering under violence and dictatorship from his/her own country. But their dreams one day are to see a country that respects its citizens. This is one example that students may use to write an essay on the American dream.

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These are just a few examples that students could use to write an essay on the American dream. American dream essay titles are therefore vast. It means different things to different people. The main thing that students should do is to ensure that they work hard to achieve that American dream. At the end of the day there is nothing to achieve and work hard for if you do not have a dream.

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Lafayette in the Somewhat United States is a fun, fascinating read and one of Vowell’s best. Read it. Like, right now. I’ll wait. Back? Great. Now that you’re finished, pick up The Partly Cloudy Patriot, a collection of her essays on America and how we got so…American, and while you’re at it, check out my personal favorite, Assassination Vacation.

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"This volume contains a fascinating collection of essays on America's military interventions since the cold war's end. Taken together, these essays constitute a wide-ranging treatment and present startling and disturbing conclusions." — Robert J. Art, Department of Politics, Brandeis University, and co-editor of

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contains twenty-fourdefinitive essays on America's longest and most divisive foreignconflict. It represents the best current scholarship on thiscontroversial and influential episode in modern Americanhistory.