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Guan, S (2001) “A Review of International Communication Education, ” in Essays on China’s Journalism Education, ed. China’s Journalism Education Association (Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2001), 168.

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All essays on China by Pierre Ryckmans (aka Simon Leys) are in must read category.

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A.B., Harvard, 1956; J.D., 1964; A.M., 1964; M. Phil., 1967. Research associate in Chinese law, Harvard Law School, 1967-73; acting director, East Asian Legal Studies, Harvard Law School, 1971-72; associate director, 1972-73. Joined the Columbia faculty in 1973. Designated the first Walter Gellhorn Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. Former faculty member of Columbia's East Asian Institute and former director of the Center for Chinese Legal Studies. Chairman of the Committee on Legal Education Exchange with China, 1983-91. Has published articles on China's criminal law, its practice of international law, and Chinese legal history. Editor-in-chief, 1987-96, of the Journal of Chinese Law (now the Columbia Journal of Asian Law). Publications include Human Rights in Contemporary China (with Henkin and Nathan, 1986) and Essays on China's Legal Tradition (co-editor, with Cohen, 1980).

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Three Essays on China’s State Owned Enterprises: Towards an Alternative to Privatization Minqi Li
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This collection of essays on China brings a rare and much needed perspective to the literature on the rising star of the global economy. Most are authored by Chinese Marxist critics of the regime. This “insider” Marxist perspective translates into a discussion of issues rarely covered in the existing literature,including a special focus on the workers movement. Very useful. – Gilbert Achcar, Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London

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(3) Media institutions and professionals in China are eager to learn from Western journalistic practices to enhance their international influence. For example, Southern Weekly (Nanfang Zhoumo), a popular weekly newspaper in China, advocates publicly that it is following the model of the New York Times. The newly founded School of Journalism at Tsinghua University is also trying to enhance its influence by importing a series of original English textbooks on journalism and communication. BJE has surely catered to all the needs.

The Description for this book, Essays on China's Legal Tradition, will be forthcoming.

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The essays focus on China’s nuclear programme, space technology, aviation, aeronautics, IT and industrial development. The contributors conclude that India has to carefully tailor its own military strategy and diplomacy in the Asian region to greater effect with better harnessing and utilization of its strengths in science and technology. The reforms, policy initiatives and strategies in multiple sectors initiated by China contain crucial lessons and one key message for India—the need to pursue a coordinated and single-minded strategy to achieve its goals.