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The House of Representatives, with the support of the President 's administration, passed the Child Obscenity and Pornography Prevention Act of 2002, in response to the Supreme Court decision. The Senate passed a bill in November 2002 that sought to tailor the definition of virtual child pornography to meet the criteria set out in the Supreme Court decision. Despite this apparent agreement, the two houses disagreed over the definition of virtual child porn. The House bill presented a narrow definition, stating that computer-generated images must be "indistinguishable" from actual child pornography. The Senate bill was broader, but it included provisions that would make it hard to obtain a guilty verdict. The House rejected the Senate version, and the bill died. However, the law was finally enacted in April 2003 using the Senate definition. As with all prior congressional attacks on pornography, this law was likely to be challenged in court.

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Her books include a psychoanalytic study of Surrealist cinema, Figures of Desire (1981), a co-edited volume of feminist film criticism (Re-vision, 1984), an edited volume on film spectatorship, Viewing Positions (1993) and Reinventing Film Studies (co-edited with Christine Gledhill, 2000). In 1989 she published a study of pornographic film entitled Hard Core: Power, Pleasure and the Frenzy of the Visible (second edition 1999). This study of moving-image pornography looks seriously at the history and form of an enormously popular genre. In 2001 Williams published Playing the Race Card: Melodramas of Black and White, from Uncle Tom to O.J. Simpson (2001, Princeton)–an analysis of racial melodrama spanning the 19th and 20th centuries of American culture. She has also edited a collection of essays on pornography, Porn Studies, featuring work by many U.C. Berkeley graduate students (Duke, 2004). Her most recent book is Screening Sex (Duke, 2008), a history of the revelation and concealment of sex at the movies.

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Porn and sex work stigma deeply affect the lives of porn professionals. is a collection of essays on pornography, protection, and privacy edited by veteran porn performer Jiz Lee.

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Sexual Solipsism: Philosophical Essays on Pornography and Objectificat

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Many young people report that they get much education concerning sex and relationships from pornography. Pornography has become very much assessable, particularly through the internet where it is often unrestricted. There is an increased level of sexualized imagery and content since most young people communicate using the internet, and this includes the social media. Professionals identify pornography as the reason why young people have different sexual attitudes and expectations in relationships. Some people think that pornography should be banned. This is because they see it as a threat to women since it dehumanizes women to sexual objects. People claim that women in pornographic movies are raped and forced to act in the degrading ways. This makes men believe that women want to be treated this way.

Sexual Solipsism: Philosophical Essays on Pornography and Objectification

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