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This subject examines the nature and causes of past changes in Earth’s climate during the Quaternary Period (the last 2.7 million years), with a particular emphasis on the last glacial-interglacial cycle. It aims to place modern climate and the projections of future global warming into a longer-term perspective, and will allow students to understand why human interference in the climate system may be a legitimate cause for concern. Emphasis is placed on how Earth materials (ice, rocks, sediments, landforms, biological materials) record past climate changes, the techniques used to extract this ‘palaeoenvironmental information’, and the principles that govern how this information is interpreted. Most of the subject will run prior to the start of semester one and be based around a field trip to the South Island of New Zealand. A pre-field trip essay will give students the basic background to the nature of Quaternary palaeoclimate. A series of lectures (held in New Zealand) will then cover the theoretical aspects of the subject in more detail, providing an important primer to the field work. The field component itself focuses on how particular environments (coastal, lake, fluvial, cave, and glacial) preserve evidence of past climate change. A further series of lectures and practicals will be conducted during the first 6 weeks of semester, and will focus on the nature of palaeoclimate data and how these are processed and interpreted. By the end of the subject, students will not only appreciate the dynamics of Earth’s past climate and the mechanisms that have forced it, but also the way in which we practice this important and growing field of study.

2. 5 Short Field Trip Essays (togetherworth 30% of your lab grade).

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Sanva joined SAEPA’s weekend trip to Pingxiang, Hebei province in the mid of October for two days. He not only taught English for local students, but also shared his unique experience as a boy who grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand before moving to and succeeding in Singapore. He encouraged students to explore the world with their own dreams. His essay on the experience was awarded the first prize of SAEPA’s teaching field trip essay competition as the only international student among the winners.

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MID 2014 student, Sanva Saephan from Laos, won the first prize of the teaching field trip essay competition, held by Tsinghua University’s Educational Poverty Alleviation Office (SAEPA).

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MID Student Wins SAEPA's Teaching Field Trip Essay Competition

Each Field Trip Essay is to be in the form of a "letter to the local newspaper"

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