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At Ingens our role so far the project is concern is comprehensive. Starting from helping the student identify an innovative final year project to training them with the technology know how and also implementation assistance. Basically we ensure that the students get excellent practical exposure at the same time ensuring the safe and success completion of the project.

Final Year Project Mockup (Bluetooth Controlled Robot)

Final year project titles that were offered to students recently have included the following:

Final Year Projects in Coimbatore

The objective of the final year project module is to provide students with the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to a substantial electrical engineering problem requiring analytical and/or design and/or experimental effort. The project module gives final year engineers an opportunity to use many different subjects from the electrical engineering degree, and also enables students to practice and, where necessary, improve their analytical skills in engineering situations where there may not be a single, simple, correct solution. Each student, as an individual engineer or as part of a team, pursues a problem and reaches the best outcome with the resources and time available.

Final Year Projects In Coimbatore

2- For final year choose your interest that can be database or android or any other programming language, android can be the best option for final year project idea because by developing a useful application you can earn money while putting application in google play store.

An award for the best 10 Final Year Projects from the entire ICT faculty. More details from HERE.
Final year projects developed from the scratch using latest technologies for B.E (VTU) CSE/ ISE Branches

We have numerous projects based on IEEE 2015 papers on various domains

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Electronic meters compared to traditional mechanical solutions in use offer several additional advantages to the utility market. The metering utilities that can be replaced are gas, water and electricity meters.

Biometrics is the technology used to analyze biological data. Its most recent application is in the area of security where the biological data of a person is used for personal identification and authentication before the person is allowed to proceed to enter a building or do any business transactions.

Bluetooth technology is a radio frequency short range communications technology that was created with the intention of replacing wired cables that are used to connect various portable and fixed devices. Get some reference design for your final year electronic projects here.

This project provides a reference USB2.0 Card Reader design with schematics and source codes for Compactflash, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Magic Gate, Secure Digital, MultimediaCard and SmartMedia.

This project discusses the implementation of X-10 on a PIC microcontroller to create a home controller that can both send and receive X-10 signals.

This project provides the application notes on the control of 3 phase sensorless brushless DC Motor.

This project provides the application notes on the networking control of lighting devices using Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface Standard.

This project provides the application notes on the free frequency band wireless networking using Zigbee Standard.
2.“How towrite a successful Final Year Project - a practical guide” (Mike Hart)

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The action learning theme culminates in the Final Year Team Project which is unique amongst undergraduate business degrees. This provides the opportunity to apply your learning to a real life business problem or issue, normally commissioned by a client organisation.

Appendix 3How to write a successful Final Yearproject - a Practical Guide

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A Final year project is the most important academic work in a BE or a B Tech course. Not only does the final year project mark the end of the course, it also showcases a students technical knowledge that he/she has acquired over the duration of the whole course. A is more significant because it show cases both the theoretical and the practical knowledge of the student. For these reasons a final year project is also used as a bench mark by many companies for job placements.

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CETL-AURS funded a project based in Plant Sciences to create a bank of template research designs for various kind of botanical, biomedical, pharmaceutical and nutritional degree students' final year projects. This project enabled the use of the whole school's plant resources in the Harris Garden, the experimental grounds and glasshouses, and preserved specimens in the herbarium, and evened out the workload of project supervisors.