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a) contact your supervisor to discuss with him the details of the future fine art dissertations. If necessary, submit a writing guide to it, where your work at the dissertation is explicitly structured and scheduled;
b) attend the libraries and the web-sites, which contain a lot of examples of dissertation projects. Collect your ideas before you started with writing project;
c) always remember that the visual perception takes a special place in fine art activity as 80-90 % of all information arrives to the person from the world around through the visual channel. Fill your project with illustrations, photos, pictures which reflect the around world completely and adequate;
d) while working with literature and other resources, think over the structure of paper. Attend the web-sites which give the samples of title pages, tables of contents, introduction, body, conclusions, etc.

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If you want to get a Doctoral degree, you need to complete a dissertation. Have you already chosen the field of research?

Well, if your decision is to write a dissertation in Fine Art, this article will interest you.

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Fine Art dissertations are prepared during the last year(s) of study. To do everything properly, students should invest a lot of time and efforts. So, they need to take care of some things in advance:Yes, writing dissertations in Fine Art is all about creativity. Everything, starting from Fine Art dissertation titles to the final words in the last chapter should be done in a creative and nontrivial way.

Easier said than done! However, if you have signed up for writing a Fine Art dissertation, you need to be confident in your skills and talents. In this 300-word article, we will not be able to provide exhaustive explanations for writing Fine Art dissertations.

However, some general recommendations and hints can be a good starting point for Fine Art dissertation writers.

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You have to show several important skills to get a degree in Fine Art. Your Fine Art dissertation should reflect the following:
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It’s the same difference with fashion dissertation topics or fine arts dissertation topics, the topic you choose should be interesting to you, your audience, advisor and committee.

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I’m a mature student writing my BA Fine ARt dissertation on artworks with public participation/collaboration and I wondered if you could tell me anything about the experience from your point of view?

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