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1. Take a class in proofreading. Often these are one-day workshops, in which you’ll learn the basics, such as how to edit by hand using proofreading symbols and how to do red-lining. Nowadays, most book publishers require freelance copy editors to edit electronic files of books on their computers, using the Track Changes function of Microsoft Word, as opposed to editing the hard copy of a book (a manuscript on paper). Yet you still must learn how to edit by hand with a red pencil, because manuscripts typed on paper will occasionally come your way.

When a translation buyer can do without freelance editing?

When it makes sense for a translation buyer to buy freelance editing services?

Freelance editing and specifications for editors

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for this, Arlene! My background is in Architecture- Interior Space Planning & Design; so I’m glad to learn that your humble beginnings are rooted in the financial industry.
My editing experience is limited to proofreading college and grad school papers mostly for friends; and editing department newsletters at work. I have taken a handful of creative writing courses. The challenge I have is parlaying these experiences and market myself effectively as a freelance editor. Any suggestions?

Misconceptions about freelance editing of translations

In some cases, editors are leaving positions at New York publishers to dive into freelancing full-time (in fact, the Learned Publishing paper estimates that 67 percent of freelance editors began their careers in traditional publishing). That was the case for , who left her job at a Simon and Schuster imprint a little over a year ago. Through a family connection, Raymond had secured an internship in Simon and Schuster’s marketing department and, after abandoning her initial plan of pursuing a PhD, reached out to her boss there who offered a position in the editorial department. From there, she followed the traditional publishing track, working as an apprentice with two senior editors at an imprint called Touchstone Books before getting a promotion to another imprint, Gallery Books, where she managed her own list of authors.

Interested? Here are three steps to setting up your own freelance editing shop.
Why not consider freelance book editing? Depending on your other commitments, you can make this either a full-time or a part-time gig. Maybe you’d like to work at home after having your first child. Or perhaps you need to supplement your income from another job. It’s not necessary to have a burning desire for a career in the publishing industry. All that you need are good language and writing skills, a detail-oriented personality, and a little basic training. Of course, the best editors also have broad knowledge about many current and not-so-current topics, but this is acquired gradually. The more books they are exposed to, the more expert they become in fields they once knew nothing about.As far as I can tell from my experience, freelance editing is performed by freelance translators who have taken either trial-and-error approach or attended workshops to learn how to edit, or acquired editing skills under the mentorship of their more experienced colleagues.You know what you want to say, you just need help with the presentation. Even great writers can have problems with poor or inappropriate word choices; awkward or convoluted sentence structures; or occasional lapses into bad grammar, creative spelling, or incorrect punctuation. Using the spell checker tool included with your software is a terrific start toward creating a client-ready document, but it certainly won’t help you catch everything. For example, it won’t differentiate between to, too, and two; merry, marry, and Mary; weather and whether; caret, carat, and carrot; or witch and which. Only a human reader can help you with that! Typos and grammatical errors can discredit your message and spoil your professional image. Mistakes can cost you time, money, and clients. You need a professional editor or proofreader on your side, one whose only job is to look for errors and to make your work shine. Hiring an independent freelance editor has never been more important than in this age of self-publishing. If you do not have an in-house staff to handle your proofreading and editing jobs, our freelance proofreaders and editors can help.Freelance editing can help to ensure the final quality of translation. However, editing is not a must for all translations. One should use it selectively. It makes sense to have a translation edited when the quality of the final translation is important. Editing specifications can help to complete a translation project quicker and with less cost to a translation buyer.

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You can seek out many other types of editorial jobs, in addition to book editing. Editors are needed for online Web page content, ad copy, technical manuals, dissertations, newspapers, magazines--the list is endless. In this article, however, I’ll deal only with finding work as a freelance book editor.

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10 Things Your Freelance Editor Might Not Tell You—But Should

These days, Heyman has more client inquiries than she has time to take on, and during any given month she’s juggling between seven and 10 manuscripts. She’s not alone. While much has been written about the rise of self-publishing and the launch of overnight bestselling authors like E.L. James and Amanda Hocking, we’ve heard little about the growing cottage industry of freelance editors and designers that’s emerged to service these writers.

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According to Hein, although many freelance editors don't have liability insurance, there is a trend in contracts to have language requiring proof of liability insurance. One audience member mentioned that she was required to get liability insurance when she became an onsite contract worker.