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A good way to find a few excellent freelance writing sites is to ask other freelancers. Join a few forums and ask about different sites’ reputations. You’ll be sure to get many helpful responses.

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Finding a decent freelance writer’s website can be somewhat tricky. But help is at hand! Here’s a useful list of ten things that can help you when you’re looking for trusted freelance writers websites.

Here is a list of up to 100 freelance writing sites

Finding a decent freelance writer’s website can be somewhat tricky. But help is at hand! Here’s a useful list of ten things that can help you when you’re looking for trusted freelance writers websites.

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Once you've signed up for one or more of the freelance writing websites below and before you start bidding on copywriting work, you'll need to complete your profile; add your CV and provide links to, or write summaries of, your writing portfolio. You'll also need to choose how you would like to be paid. Most freelance writer sites pay via Escrow or PayPal. If the site offers online tests of your skills, it's definitely worth taking a few so that you can show potential clients your level of writing ability especially if you haven't got much of a portfolio. And you can help. By letting me know if there are any other freelance writing sites that accept international writers I haven't yet added, or adding them yourself. Just enter the site name to the list and I'll check it out and write a blurb for it.I've listed Constant Content first, because you tend to get the highest pay for your articles there (up to $250 but mostly in the $20 - $80 range). Constant Content works in a completely different way to the other freelance writing sites you'll see below.Freelance writing sites are popping up on daily basis. Some have been in existence for years while others are establishing now. Not all websites labeled as freelance writing sites are genuine or offer reliable supply of work. There are several ways of knowing if a site is genuine.Making a good living as a freelance writer is highly achievable and makes a wonderful compliment to writing on article sites (such as this one - ) or your own blogs and websites, especially if you're not having a good month revenue wise! You can boost your monthly earnings at any time by taking writer freelance jobs at any of the freelance writer sites mentioned here. Working as a writer from home can be extremely satisfying if you're a lover of words and it's a fantastic way to get a good work/life balance.
But there are lots of other ways to land clients rather than seeking out freelance writing sites. I list a few options in a recent blog post:

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These days there are a lot of freelance writers looking for work. A great deal of them work on the internet. Having the freedom to work from home gives them a lot of flexibility. There are a lot of different ways to find freelance writing jobs online. If you are looking to try it than here is a guide to how it works. Every site works differently but there are some basic types of freelance writing sites.

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Freelance writing sites are a magnet for the inexperienced, on both sides of the divide

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One of the oldest and best of the freelance writing sites—links to freelance jobs, writer's guideline, contests, articles, tutorials, videos... great site.