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First of all, you must understand what get paid to write articles are and how it could be a good source of revenue. So as to make a site look bigger, webmasters or website owners hire people to write them a lot of content material to include on their website. To be able to showcase more of their items which will invite additional visitors, they will need to a lot of information to it, and having plenty of visitors to a website gives you a larger range of market that you are able to give your services to.

There are numerous website owners who doesn’t have the time or ability to create their unique content material for their webpage or blogsite. So as to have contents their websites, they hire people to get paid to write articles for them. You could possibly find a lot of these jobs on freelancer websites where freelance ghost writers can present their work samples that employers or website owners could choose from. Not very different from submitting articles to a major publication apart from the fact that there are more website owners than good article writers, which implies better odds of you getting hired.

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You can also get paid to write articles for blog websites as well. There are many blog websites on the internet that will pay qualified people to offer content for the blog based on the topics being discussed. A blog makes its money based on the traffic it gets and if you can offer an interesting article that will help the blog get more traffic then you are helping the blog generate revenue and you can get paid for that.

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When you are looking to get paid to write articles you can also get involved in what is known as search engine optimization, or SEO, content writing. These are articles that contain a keyword or combination of keywords that are used to point a search engine at a particular website. Search engines look through a website's content for keywords to match a search and that is why website owners, and anyone looking to increase web traffic, will pay a writer to create an article based on that keyword. The trick when you get paid to write articles this way is to not over saturate the article with keywords because a search engine will reject a site with too many keywords.

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Getting paid to write articles online had been a reliable source of income for beginners who are willing to make money online. If you are good at writing articles and passionate about some topics (whatever it may be, like cooking recipes, gardening, marketing etc), you can easily earn money using your writing skills. Some of the specific ways of getting paid to write articles online include freelance writing, article marketing, blogging, writing eBooks etc. There are a lot of websites (some of them are listed below) that offers freelance writing. Visit as many websites as possible, compare them and read their reviews to find out which one is more reliable and pays you most. Never go for a topic that you are not very familiar with or you don’t have sufficient information and knowledge. It will not help you to make money instead your reputation will be ruined and makes difficult for you to get further work. If you write valuable content, you might get regular work from same client and make you income source regular and permanent for certain time period. Getting paid to write articles online has been very competitive and you need to be a valuable writer to make enough money out of this profession.
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I did a little research work recently as to whether there are legitimate sites where someone can get paid to write articles and to my surprise I discovered a long list of these websites with lots of illegalities. I had to sift the rice from the bran and in the process came up with 9 authentic and legtimate sites that can pay you to write articles for them. I sold this list for a fee and raked in a N100,000 naira In March 2009. Don't ask me how but am willing to offer this same opportunity to you for free. Download your free copy.

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If you want to get paid to write articles or make money writing articles, you can create a profile and start writing. However, I am not an article writer and have never used that side of iWriter so I will not cover any of that here.

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It would be great if you get paid when you do the things you love. If you really love writing, of course to get paid to write articles is a profitable bonus, right?