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This is an amazing post! These lessons are so important and are not discussed as much as they should be (I especially enjoyed lesson 1). I love the point of view as well. I can’t imagine how frustrating and exhilarating being a ghostwriter must be. Thank you for sharing what you know. Great article!

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Some of the books John has ghostwritten were ‘authored’ by…

There really isn’t a standard for how much ghostwriters should be paid for each contribution. These things are always negotiated. If you’re skilled with the pen and can keep a good fuckin secret, you can possibly make you some extra cheddar in the industry.

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When asked if he had ever ghostwritten for Meek, Lanez responded, "No, I never wrote for Meek. Meek's an incredible writer. He doesn't need nobody to write for him. His verses are incredible."

Ghostwriting is contractual work. What Sugar Hill Gang did is called “BITING” — not ghostwriting.
Has anyone ever said that to you? Do you have a great idea for a book, but you don’t feel competent to write it on your own? You would be a perfect candidate to work with a ghostwriter. I have helped many people in this capacity, doing everything from personal stories and financial books to novels and screenplays. The entire process is easier than you probably thought, and the potential for success is as vast as your imagination.

I can take your ideas and make them spring into life. Whether it’s an exciting novel or a highly practical self-help book, I’ve made a career out of helping people just like you transform all kinds of concepts into powerful, well written books that they are proud to call their own. That’s right, it is your name that will appear on the book and you will retain all rights and all royalties. As the ghost, I will gladly remain in the background.

Let me show you how easy it is to work together. Tell me a little bit about the book that you want to write and I will gladly work on a free sample for you so you can see the quality of my writing for yourself. I have been in this business for nearly 20 years and I am confident that you will like what you see after I show you exactly how I can take your material and lift it up to a whole new level. . Gotham Ghostwriters is New York City's only world-class, full-service writing firm. We specialize in sophisticated, long-form writing (such as books, speeches, articles/op-eds, white papers, and corporate reports) for clients in the thought leadership arena (businesses, trade groups, foundations, advocacy organizations, etc.).Working with a ghostwriter does not need to be complicated or costly. I can either rewrite an existing manuscript, or create the entire manuscript "from scratch" based on your notes, a rough outline, or from interviewing you. Typically, the interviewing and background work can be done over the phone and via e-mail, though in some cases an in-person meeting can be arranged as well. I will work closely with you from the day we start until the job is finished to your complete satisfaction.

You will find that my prices are competitive, and in most cases even lower than others with similar credentials. The exact amount depends on the book’s length and complexity, but I can almost always put together a payment arrangement that will easily fit your budget.

Before contacting me, check out some of my past work and see if you like my style. Click the link and read a chapter from one of my favorite ghostwriting projects entitled "," published by Thorndike. If you like how I wrote it, just think of the possibilities of having me write your book too. Nowadays, ghostwriting service is used by many people who need to produce any type of academic papers, articles, books or other written material. Using help of professional and experienced ghostwriter is the best way to complete various types of writing works. One apply for ghostwriting services to save the time, another to ensure that the paper is written in a correct manner and meets all necessary requirements. Ordering ghostwriting service you can always be sure that your work will look totally professional and original. A ghostwriter will not only write a document you need, but also gather the information, draft a plan and structure the paper according to all your requirements. If you decided you need a ghostwriting service, you should choose a reliable company, which is able to meet your needs and deliver a premium quality piece of writing.
Great article on ghostwriting. Mmmm makes me wonder who bought Jay Z or Nas’s lyrics.

How can you become a ghostwriter, though?

In general, we’re very adept at matching clients with the ghostwriter who will best suit them; however, we are also more than willing to provide you with writing samples and credentials for your potential ghostwriter. We can arrange for phone calls between you and potential writers and you are more than welcome to select between several options. Our goal is to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your ghostwriting experience from the very beginning.

Follow these suggestions and you'll be on your way to ghostwriting success!

Exciting to hear about your ghostwriting project, Eva!

2. Use your expertise to conquer a niche: Use your current skills and experience. Ifyou're career coach, then you're already well positioned to write for a client who wants acareer book. If you've got a background writing sports features, you'd be a greatghostwriter for a sports figure. The same goes if you've got any experience in health care,law or general business. Use your expertise to find clients in those areas. Many doctors,lawyers and executives want to write a book, but don't have time. That's where you comein!

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JP: Ich würde das nicht realer, sondern einfach ehrlicher nennen. Kann man so machen, ist definitiv besser als es komplett unter Verschluss zu halten, aber ja, wie du es selber sagst, das Endergebnis bleibt das gleiche. Anerkennung für Ghostwriter hat sogar einen recht zynischen Unterton für mich. Warum bringt man das nicht einfach unter seinem eigenem Namen raus? Weil andere erfolgreicher damit sind, steht man so wenig zu seiner eigenen Musik?