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John Gardner"s Grendel is seemingly a story based on the poem Beowulf. ... This can be seen in Grendels bitterness towards others. ... Grendel does not believe himself to be special. ... Grendel believes that when he dies, his existence will die also. ... Grendel incorporates all the existentialism themes within himself. ...

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In both the poem Beowulf and the novel Grendel address the issue of fate versus free will. The primary belief expressed in the poem Beowulf was fate (between those two), I also thought it also expressed never to give up and always have your head up. The primary belief expressed in the story of Grendel is free will because Grendel used free will or self thought or free rule to fight and start problems with both the Danes and Beowulf.

Well as I said before fate and never giving up were the primary beliefs expressed in Beowulf. These were both showed through out the poem by Beowulf not quieting and having the faith to fight all the unusual creatures. Some of these creatures would have been Grendel, Grendel’s Mother, and the Dragon. Beowulf in all of these battles fought and either harmed, scared or defeated all the creatures. He didn’t give up which shows he had the faith and confidence to not give up and become a warrior (even though he dies in his last battle—but still becomes victorious).

The primary belief in the story of Grendel (as I stated before) was free will. I thought this cause Grendel never ever really though of his actions. He just went on and did them without any boundaries or other opinions. He chose his FREEdom and determination (free will—lol). To try to get what he wanted. Of course in some cases it did come into his favor but in others (like the battle of Grendel and Beowulf) it turned against him.

I think that between the two stories discussed above the belief related most to me would be Beowulf’s or from the poem of Beowulf. This is because I try to never give up and keep my self-confidence to gain faith. I wish to become very high in power some day and defeat all my fears. This is also very similar to my worldview cause I think that everyone needs to have fate and they should never give up!

Beowulf and Grendel were both great tales that would probably make a great debate topic. I think th...

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