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Compliance with a series of group project guidelines is essential to organizations that want to turn their employees into productive workgroups and teams. Group project practices offer many worthwhile opportunities to better organize group efforts and teamwork. Obviously, if you develop and implement your own group project guidelines and tips, your team will get a better understanding of group project definition and take more actions to solve group project problems.

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When raising a flag, the provider will be required to enter pieces of information as to why the flag is being raised. This enforces responsible use of the flagging system, and also keeps members of a student's success network informed when a change occurs. In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, a dialog window will open and require the provider to specify a flag type. The flag type is selected from a list of available flag types. The types of flags which can be raised are institution-defined and role-based, so that the set of available flags to instructors would be different than the set of flags available to residence hall staff or advisors. The flag types may include behavior concerns, financial concerns, work-life interference, poor attendance, dramatic change in appearance, group project problems, poor class participation, strange or dangerous behavior, etc. Other information which might be required, depending on the academic institution's standards, are additional notes indicating why the flag is being raised and the course on which a student might be encountering difficulties, if applicable. For example, if a student gets lower than a 60% grade on an exam, the course instructor can search for the student's name, visit the student's profile, select the flag button displayed on the student's profile, and enter a note regarding the need for the student to visit the instructor during office hours and to suggest to the student to visit the tutoring center.

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Many group project problems can be solved early on with clear communication

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designing, constructing, testing, managing, and evaluating individual or group project problems

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