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Let your child take an active role in making homework decisions. Homework isn't optional, but there are many options about when and how to do homework.

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You can also make your homework fast if you do most of it at school, in study hall or a free class, bus ride, lunch, or any free time you might have during school. This will give you less homework to do at home. Pay attention in all of your classes, I know this sounds like common sense but most students struggle with homework because they don’t learn it in class in the first place. They don’t ask questions or take notes, which leads to troubles doing their homework. Okay, now that you know what to do before you get home, let’s take about how to do your homework faster at home.

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I find it quite funny that most of these posts were made after 5:00, most of them being around 1-4 am, which means that most teenagers are staying up until 4 am! I have to get up at 5 for school, so if any one is in that situation, like a friend of mine I know, that means you are only getting 1 hour of sleep! that is 1/9th of the time needed!!!!!! And it isn’t only that teens are staying up till 4 am because they want to, it is because they are doing homework! and then they get stressed out and do what everyone else on this site did, look up something about how to do homework, or reliveve homework related stress, and end up with this site so they have some idea that they aren’t alone in today’s mess of an education system.

Useful guidelines on how to do homework fast because this scent induces heightened focus and can help you get your homework done faster.
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