Example of an impossible math problem?

Thank you very much for this well-written essay. I am guilty of the very thing that you warn against (I find myself working exclusively on impossible math problems: collatz conjecture, twin primes, Legendre conjecture) and I agree with each of your points.

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There was a comparison study between Japanese and American students - they were given an impossible math problems - the American kids gave up in 30 sec - the Japanese kids worked on it the whole hour.

Example of an impossible math problem? | Yahoo Answers

Online tools have the power to unite researchers, citizens, and scientists, speed up the process of discovery, and expand scientific capabilities across the globe. This “networked science” could dramatically transform the way science is done. By uniting thousands of minds, networked problem-solving has already tackled varied problems—from finding elusive answers to seemingly impossible math problems, as seen in the Polymath Project, to classifying galaxies in the far corners of the universe. In his book , Michael Nielsen, an Open Society Foundations grantee, uses these examples and more to show that by connecting vast numbers of scientists and ordinary citizens through the internet, scientific problem-solving becomes faster and more efficient.

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