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In my we wrote essays about how the different variables of our life like race, class, gender, and sexuality intersect and make up our lives. Writing my own intersectionality essay gave me the chance to reflect on the complexity of my life. As a black Latina, my life is very complicated and in my essay I elaborated on the problems of racism and body image in today’s society. Not only was I able to finally write my true thoughts about how I am affected by my ethnicity and race, gender and sexuality, but I was also able to share my feelings with my school.

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In any case, the first intersectionality essay Crenshaw published outside of legal journals, and the second intersectionality essay ever, focused on several examples, prominently including two:
1. the legal arena
2. a recent history of NYCity anti-violence shelters for women turning women away from safe housing if their English was deemed insufficient – a judgement call made differently by each volunteer or employee answering the line.

Intersectionality Essay [DESCRIPTION] A person can grow rich with modesty and humility.
Writing my intersectionality essay helped me come to a better understanding of my identity

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Writing my own intersectionality essay gave me the chance to reflect on the complexity of my life

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