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In marketing, the way you present your message can make all the difference in how effective it is. Seth Godin really illustrates this point in his post, “How to make a PowerPoint chart”. It is interesting how presenting information, especially sta...

How to Make a Powerpoint Template: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

This will tell you how to make a good PowerPoint presentation using office PowerPoint 2007

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Making an impressive powerpoint presentation is an important toolkit in anyone’s arsenal. Its one thing to make an ordinary powerpoint and another to make something that wow’s the audience. Attend this free workshop at Kinu to learn some of the do’s and don’t of making good powerpoint presentations from Kinu co-founder, Taha Jiwaji.

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation That Includes Audio

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Recently I read on this article about How to Make a Powerpoint Presentation Chart, and came to realize that we have been concentrating too much on giving information during our presentations, but fail to realize that most of which are irr...

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The process of creating PowerPoint slides has proven to be a bit challenging for some people and extremely time consuming for others. That is why VisualBee stepped in and allows people to make a PowerPoint online. By creating a PowerPoint maker online, VisualBee gives its users the gift of highly professional PowerPoint presentations each and every time they use this incredible software. So, not only has VisualBee freed up a great deal of time but it may just be responsible for that next promotion as well.Are you wondering how to make a PowerPoint presentation but do not want to dedicate the countless hours it generally takes to do so? VisualBee is the answer!Great Study Tool
If you already have pretty good grasp on delivering lessons in a fun and interesting manner emaze can still be a useful instruction tool. Not only does emaze allow you to make a PowerPoint online, but you also have the ability to save your project to a cloud. If you want your 5th graders’ parents to take an active role in their learning, you might email them the slideshow. This way they can go over the study material together at home. If you’re teaching high school or college students, this is a great way to share lessons with students before and after your lectures. Your students and their parents can refer to lessons as often as they like. Your colleagues will be amazed when your students top the charts on standardized tests and exams.The very first thing you have to do in order to make a PowerPoint presentation is to find a quality software program. That is where VisualBee comes in. Without a very good program, you are going to lack the features necessary to create a professional quality presentation. VisualBee has worked hard at providing all of the top of the line features needed to impress your worst critic. However, one of the best features VisualBee has to offer is their easy to use format.When you find out that you have to make a PowerPoint presentation do your actually cringe? Do you start thinking about all the time it is going to take or maybe you even wonder how to make a PowerPoint presentation in general because you have never done it before? Whether you are a seasoned veteran that is just looking to save some time or a newcomer to the world of how to create a PowerPoint presentation, VisualBee is here for you. Now you can make your own PowerPoint presentation easier than ever.I know how to make a powerpoint theme using the color palates, font palates, and slide masters. However, if I build it on a 16:9 aspect ratio slide, but then change the aspect ratio to 4:3, all the graphics get smashed. I'd prefer the slides crop the right side off instead of adjusting the graphics.
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If you need to make a PowerPoint presentation from a Word document, don't worry about endless cutting and pasting. Mary Ann Richardson shows how you can use Word's built-in formatting to make an easy transition from one document to another.

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It is now easier than ever to make a PowerPoint online. To create a PowerPoint online with VisualBee you need to have a stable internet connection. This is necessary because you have to access the free online PowerPoint maker through your internet connection as it is not installed on your computer. From there, you just need to be able to provide VisualBee with your PowerPoint information and it does the rest.

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At emaze, you can make a PowerPoint online that is easy to use, a great classroom aid, and that saves you time and space. Go above and beyond a bland slideshow and create a dynamic presentation with the free online PowerPoint maker that helps you create an out-of-this-world classroom experience.