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When writing a media studies essay, think about including some extra material besides written pages. For example, you could record a radio show when writing about this media, or you could hand in a DVD with selected film scenes, or a photocopy of articles in magazines. That way, the presentation of the essay will be directly related to its contents.

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Mad Max Fury Road does give male chauvinism a fairly relentless kicking, not only by directly going for the notion of women as property but also by relegating Max himself to the role of Furiosa’s lovably thick attack dog. But when I watched it a second time I spotted something absent that made me think of a handful of other films with strong female leads that use the same idea – Imperator Furiosa’s missing left arm. Basically the character is a groovy cyborg with a diesel punk artificial arm that looks like it was made out of bits of a clapped out MG sports car. It’s not permanently on, being held in place by a harness, and once in a while she takes it off to relax and have a scratch. Inevitably it malfunctions and starts to fall off right at the point when she’s holding Max upside down by the foot with his head inches away from a rotating spiky tyre, both travelling at 100 miles an hour and her with a dagger buried in her midriff. So at the risk of sounding like someone writing an undergraduate Media Studies essay on Patriarchal Discourse and Cyborg Arms, is there a link between powerful SF/Fantasy women and missing/artificial arms?

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