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Greek MythologyIn my essay I will analyze my chosen creation myth. Then I will compare and contrast other creation myths. I am trying to find a myth that has many similarities to mine, as well as utilize other myths that have differences to mine. I will summarize Greek mythology, then I will tell why the myths that I am compari...

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Laura A. Shamas, Ph.D., is a writer and mythologist. Her writing intersects film, non-fiction, and theater; her myth essays have been published in The L.A. Times, Newsday, and Ecopsychology Journal, and other places. Laura's "Pop Mythology: Collected Essays" will be released later this year. See .

Also see in this edition of On The Issues Magazine.

See in this edition of On The Issues Magazine.

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Myth is very fascinating subject and many people find it mesmerising but at the same time there are many negatives of this subject. If you have to write a myth essay, then you may notice its difficulty level. Even the experts have to refer multiple books while writing college essays. It requires a well defined essay outline, which can be difficult to follow, if you are writing it for the first time. The sagas, fairytales and distorted history may be nerve-wrecking. Completion of a myth essay requires rigorous study and research, which is only possible by experts.

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