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The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

the innovation of unclear technology has brought human being into a new world. some people believe its advantages over the disadvantages. however, i have different view on it.

doubtlessly, the advances of nuclear technology benefit people in many ways. the invention of nuclear generator provides thousand times electricity than the traditional one does. also, instead of burning fossil fuel, it emits no carbon dioxide to the surroundings, which is recognised as the only solution to solve global warming and continuously supplies adequate power. besides, nuclear weapons are powerful defences to against terrorist activities.

although the nuclear energy generation can eases the energy crisis all over the world, it is highly hazardous not only to nearby citizens but also nations. last year, the tsunami destroyed nuclear plant in Japan and caused massive reactant leakage. this accident contaminated nearby water region, even countries over the pacific ocean are affected. countless kinds of species are mutated, which the harmful consequences are still unknown. the incident poses serious threat to all organisms.

furthermore, countries are competing to hold as much nuclear weapons as possible. they claim that such weapons are simply for security purpose. however, the total amount of nuclear weapons is more than enough to destroy the entire world several times. in my opinion, it is questionable that maintaining national peace by such scary weapons.

on a whole, nuclear technology is beneficial to mankind especially on energy issue. meanwhile, it also poses life-threatening hazards to all species. i doubt about the worthiness of risking people's lives to obtain temporary merits.

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