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Online course work at the University of St. Francis is conducted in a lively and robust learning environment with frequent interaction between the candidate and the instructor each week. At a minimum, the instructor will pose a discussion question to which the candidate will respond; that response will then generate feedback from the instructor.

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Adjusting to a and other technology used in online learning can be a challenge for students before they even start to tackle their course work, says Lisa Knowles, a senior student services coordinator in distance education office. Experts also say many online students have full-time jobs, families or other obligations, including unforeseen ones, which can make it more difficult to stay on top of their online course work.

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The most important consideration is that the present study is not conclusive. In order to understand how gatekeepers react to online degrees, more studies would need to be repeated with the same audience over time. Follow-up studies, then, are essential to creating a deeper understanding of how gatekeepers perceive applicants whose degree studies include online coursework.

Students who are the most successful at online coursework possess the following skills or qualities:
Online courses at COD are administered through Blackboard, a commonly used learning management system and where you will complete the majority of your online coursework. There, you will be able to find your course syllabus and calendar and access your assignments, tests and discussion forums. You will be expected to log on to Blackboard frequently, every day in many cases, and sometimes over the weekend. In a time when medical schools are emphasizing the need for curricula that focus on patient-physician relationships, online coursework seems to go against the tide. The social contacts necessary for building clinical skills, such as effective communication, understanding interpersonal dynamics, and management skills, appear to be very limited to these gatekeepers—if available at all—through an online course. The qualitative comments suggest that this lack of social context runs counter to the belief that knowledge requires more than a transfer of information from expert to novice. Face-to-face contact, mentoring, and supervised field experiences all play a role to help students develop higher order cognitive skills. While in the future computer-based education may be an important supplement to medical training, currently students learn important skills best in real world contexts, including discussions and interaction with other students.
MANHATTAN -- Promoting effective K-12 teaching is the focus of new online course work offered by the  at Kansas State University.

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While many research studies have been conducted that show online distance learning as being “equal” to traditional-residential coursework, their focus has been on such measures as test scores. The clearly different issue of acceptability raises serious questions about the practical value of online coursework.

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Generally, then, the comments reflected doubt about the quality of online degrees. For example, the perception that the quality and rigor of online courses are substandard to traditional-residential programs was a common theme in the respondents' comments. While community colleges were not selected as often as traditional-residential programs, some of the respondents indicated that they believed some community college programs were excellent. The respondents repeatedly expressed doubts about the value of online courses, suggesting that while community college coursework was not as desirable as courses taken in a 4-year traditional-residential program, it was still better than online coursework. The reasons for the limited acceptability of online coursework seemed to fall into two distinct categories—interpersonal interaction and working on projects in a laboratory setting.

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In order to succeed in this type of course, you must be computer literate and have experience in computer communication. That is, you should have good word processing skills, and be familiar with sending and receiving email. You should also feel comfortable navigating the World Wide Web. It is very important that you have these skills before enrolling in an online course, because it will take some time for you to become accustomed to the way an online course works. Before you know it, you will need to concentrate on the course material, and you won’t have much time to deal with technical matters. Check the “Skills You’ll Need” section in the Online Student Handbook. It will help you determine whether or not you’re ready for an online course.