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The replacement course Communication and Information Technologies maintained the online group project as part of its assessment and used a similar structure, but changed the topic that students were asked to write about from ‘Cyborgs’ to ‘Online communication and collaboration’. Students were required to write web pages on topics such as virtual worlds, Web 2.0, and social networking. In the new course all students were required to use the wiki, as it had been well received by students in the previous course.

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The goal of this study was to explore the processes of group role formation in online class settings. Qualitative analysis was used to code chat logs and discussion threads in six undergraduate Family and Consumer Sciences online courses that required online group projects. Four themes related to the process of group role formation emerged: testing the waters, apologies as being nice, tag – you’re it, and struggling to find one’s role. Students created roles of leader, wannabe, spoiler, agreeable enabler, coat‐tails, and supportive worker as the group process evolved over the course of the semester. Results lend support for a balance between allowing students to create and experience roles on their own and faculty assignment of roles. Questions are raised related to faculty approaches toward directing and scaffolding the group process.

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Williams, Karen C., Morgan Kari and Cameron, Bruce A. “How do students define their roles and responsibilities in online learning group projects?”, Distance Education, 32 (1), 49-62

4) : a culminating, collaborative online group project will explore a group’s chosen segment of the contemporary theater scene.
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This research makes a contribution to the existing literature by considering the TAM with respect to two different user perspectives of the same technology. We investigated students’ acceptance of a wiki for undertaking collaborative group work, and tutors’ acceptance of a wiki for enabling fair and efficient marking of an online group project. A key implication of this study for practitioners is that, when introducing online technologies to support collaborative activities and group projects, the perceptions and needs of both students and tutors should be carefully considered.

and use their knowledge in online group project work assignments as online knowledge activities

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With the advancement in learningtechnologies, online instruction has become popular these days (Newton,Marcella, & Middleton, 1998; Liu, Walter, & Brooks, 1998). Learners whofollow online instruction are expected to engage in a self-paced learningstrategy (Fischer & Scharff, 1998); and in addition, they are expected toengage in a variety of online communications such as asynchronous (orsynchronous) interaction with other learners and instructor, virtual fieldtrips, email, and voice communication through internet audio streaming (Wang,Hinn, & Arvan, 2001; Kumari, 2001; Carr-Chellman and Duchastel, 2000;Fischer & Scharff, 1998). The nature of collaborative learning within theonline course design normally encourages group participation to generate onlinegroup project or ideas to solve an issue.

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According to the study, individual accountability. A lack of individual accountability can also be called “social loafing.” Social loafing refers to the concept that when individuals think they are working in a group, they anticipate doing less work than when they think they are working alone. While the lack of individual accountability is common in general group projects, not just online group projects, it is more serious in online environments because students are not always exposed to the pressures and responsibilities of group based work found face-to-face.