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We present here “Just Another Tool for Online Studies” (JATOS): an open source, cross-platform web application with a graphical user interface (GUI) that greatly simplifies setting up and communicating with a web server to host online studies that are written in JavaScript. JATOS is easy to install in all three major platforms (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), and seamlessly pairs with a database for secure data storage. It can be installed on a server or locally, allowing researchers to try the application and feasibility of their studies within a browser environment, before engaging in setting up a server. All communication with the JATOS server takes place via a GUI (with no need to use a command line interface), making JATOS an especially accessible tool for researchers without a strong IT background. We describe JATOS’ main features and implementation and provide a detailed tutorial along with example studies to help interested researchers to set up their online studies. JATOS can be found under the Internet address: .

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Online studies contribute not only to internationalization and modernization, but also to quality of the studies. Curriculum of study module in virtual learning environment enables to plan studies, to prepare topics, to access the content, to ask questions after the lecture or at the end of topic, to suggest a different point of view, to construct personal meaning, to create and use open educational resources. VMU students are encouraged to be active in their study process, creating and using open educational recourses.
Online studies contribute to internationalization of studies by virtual mobility. VMU is the first University in Lithuania, which started to use virtual mobility of teachers and students.

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The mission of Online Studies is to promote the development of knowledgeable and innovative faculty and to ensure a high quality online educational experience for students. Online studies are done via Internet. Participants can be anonymous people from all over the world, or by invitation only. Although it may be possible to run various kinds of user studies online, this list includes those that are relatively easy to do online.A sincere desire to learn is one of the most powerful qualities any student can possess. Successful online students also possess academic confidence. They practice self-discipline, work well independently, are honest, and are prepared to participate on a regular basis. Excellent time-management and information-management skills are important requirements for online learners.This is a study method, when you can easily access the curriculum not going to university, but through information communication technologies. During online studies you can communicate with teacher and peers in synchronous and asynchronous way.
Online studies are set of study modules, which are adapted and accredited for online studies. Learner can access the study material, communicate and collaborate with peers, do assignments, pass exams (permission of study department is needed), ask questions, provide feedback and get the support online.
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JATOS is at the moment not compatible with other available tools for online studies. For example, JATOS is not compatible with ScriptingRT, which supports Flash-based studies running on the client-side. Unlike with the native JavaScript, a browser plug-in is necessary to run studies written in Flash. For this reason, we prioritized JavaScript in JATOS, and at the moment do not support studies written in Flash. Likewise, JATOS is not compatible with QRTEngine, as it has some Qualtrics dependencies and therefore does not work as a standalone library. QRTEngine however, is a proof of concept that tight timing control is possible in a browser and suggests that a stand-alone tool could be developed soon.

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The curriculum of study modules, which are adapted to online studies, is available for students at . Teacher together with students decide, which tools and methods will be used for interaction. The following methods could be used for communication: