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One of themost important tutors in my freelance writing education was Carol Tice. Specifically, her and email courses were extremely helpful. Here’s one in which she offers a 1-hour podcast and transcript, plus “fear-busting tips from 17 pro writers.” The podcast covers how to move forward even when you’re worried about failing, take on new kinds of freelance projects, and stop being such a perfectionist. It includes a story of how one successful freelancer made a career out of writing even though, at the beginning, he didn’t know a word of English! Tice also has more in-depth online writing courses that you have to pay for, but those are on a more seasonal basis.

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If you want to do the work I’m doing more now, blogging for a notable website, then this is your best bet. Successful blogger Sophie Lizard has a writing course almost as awesome as her reptilian surname. She’ll send you a new email every day for 28 days, each with one small step you can do to become a better or more marketable writer. By only asking you to do one thing at a time, it reduces the risk that you’ll become overwhelmed. Instead, it’s one of the few online writing courses that can seamlessly fit into your schedule. As someone who has benefitted from the knowledge Sophie shares on her (it’s how I got my job at Lifehack!) I highly recommend it.

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Mediabistro’s Digital Journalism Certificate Program offers a lot of practical training in creating content for new media platforms. The curriculum was put together by media pros who know how to produce multimedia packages, utilize social media in a lot of different ways, and write and edit for the web. You get to choose your electives, giving you the chance to learn more about podcasting, blogging, online video and other mediums. It’s definitely pricey, but Mediabistro has a good reputation. For one, it has one of the best job boards for careers in old and new media. Plus, it’s much more of a full-fledged program than the previous two online writing courses on this list. If you’re looking for an extensive learning experience in journalism, this is a good option.

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: WVU has the largest selection of online writing courses. While many of our classes cover traditional elements of the writing craft, we also teach advanced concepts not found in other schools, giving our members the edge needed to excel in their craft. A large percentage of our members have become published authors since joining WVU.Being able to write isn’t something you’re just born with For most people it’s an acquired skill that you have to work at. Sure, there are people who aren’t naturally as good at writing as others, but there are ways to hone those muscles, some without ever leaving your house. There is a plethora of online writing courses available to teach you a lot of different lessons about a lot of different kinds of writing. Here are 7 particularly effective online writing courses for aspiring writers.
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Fran is offering a FREE online writing course called "Make Your Voice Heard: Express Your Ideas Effectively." Topics addressed during the seven-week course include breaking the writing process into manageable steps, getting feedback by conferring with a partner, and packaging your message so that it receives the attention you desire. Three of the lessons deal with specific aspects of editing: usage, punctuation, and conciseness. The course is appropriate for students (junior high or older) and for adults. Parents and children might effectively take the course together. To register, visit

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Our teachers respond to all student work in our online writing courses within 24 hours. Most students submit their work five times a week (once per day), and receive five sets of individualized lessons and feedback in return. If you need to take a break, your writing consultant will be ready to pick up where you left off as soon as you’re ready to continue.

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We’ve been in business, offering online writing courses, since 1998. Our teachers are the most qualified you’ll ever find. All of them hold bachelors and masters degrees in a field related to English or writing. They have years of classroom teaching eperience. They’re pro-homeschooling. They abide by our ground-breaking teaching methods developed by our company. And all of them are published writers.