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Each worksheet has 5 days of activities for improving paragraph writing. Days 1 - 4 are rewriting an existing Paragraph with day 5 using previous prompts as jumping off points.

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How to write your paragraph
Paragraph writing consists of many necessary elements to be taken into consideration before, while and after writing. I. BEFORE WRITING:
• • • • In this stage it is important to specify the topic you are intending to tackle. Take a sheet of paper and just start jotting down notes that have tight connection with your topic. In this stage, mistakes and word-order are to be overlooked momentarily. After you gathered the data necessary for your topic the next step is to be taken.

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Paragraph Writing Worksheets. Closing Sentence: How to Write a Paragraph Prewriting Paragraphs. When paragraph writing students enter school, they’ll be introduced to the core subjects- reading, writing, paragraph writing science, social studies, and math Writing Paragraphs. Takes users through the actual steps of writing a basic paragraph Body Paragraphs Exercise. I hope you find them useful! A guide to basic paragraph construction for use in English as a second language classes focusing on the main components of standard paragraphs.

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This lesson teaches paragraph writing through a hamburger flow chart. It also works on proving the topic sentences from events in a story.

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The practice of writing paragraphs is essential to good writing. Paragraphs help to break up large chunks of text and makes the content easier for readers to digest. They guide the reader through your argument by focusing on one main idea or goal. However, knowing how to write a good, well-structured paragraph can be little tricky. Read the guidelines below and learn how to take your paragraph writing skills from good to great!


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For good paragraph writing, there must also be unity and coherence. The examiner will assess your IELTS paragraphs on their unity and coherence, which is clearly shown in the IELTS public band descriptors under "Coherence and Cohesion" for what is required for a band 7:

Another element of good paragraph writing is coherency. This means your paragraph is easy to understand and read because

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With this slacker history in mind, we would like to propose a kinder, gentler alternative to NaNoWriMo, to be called National Paragraph Writing Month, during which we all strive to write one truly worthwhile paragraph. (Garth will probably have to write two paragraphs because his books are 900 pages long, but the rest of us are sticking with just the one, thanks.)