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In a personal essay based on narration and description, it can be difficult to create unified and coherent paragraphs. Below are answers to some of the most vexing problems developing writers face in writing the personal essay:

Part 1: What is the personal essay?

 Part 2: Tips for writing a personal essay

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Opinions on how to best write a personal essay vary, but typically, one has an introductory paragraph that ends with a main thesis. Most use at least three supporting points and paragraphs, and a conclusion that wraps everything up is also fairly standard. It isn't necessary to write these parts in the order they will appear in the final draft, but when everything is put together, the work as a whole needs to flow well, transitioning logically from one idea to the next.

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In general, a personal essay runs one to four pages, but ultimately, the final length depends on the requirements of the person or group requesting it. If an individual or organization doesn’t put a limit on how long one has to be, the rule of thumb still is to be as brief as possible, hitting only as many points as are necessary to support the work’s main concept clearly. Nothing should be repeated in the main body of the essay.

Your personal essay, on the other hand, can help establish your credibility as someone who:
They represent what think, what feel, about a given topic. They represent effort (the word comes from the French , which means ) to communicate those thoughts and feelings to others. In the purely personal essay, however, there is no effort to objectify those thoughts, there is no concealment that this is opinion; no standing behind any mask of objectivity is permitted, no embarrassment is allowed.You will probably want to use quoted language in your personal essay. There is nothing like the "heard voice" to create the impression that this is real. Your readers are going along, reading your prose on the paper, and then they see someone saying "This is great stuff!" and they not only read and see, they . Spoken speech engages another whole sense and enriches the medium immensely. Unfortunately, using quoted language demands a whole set of typographical conventions — the quotation marks themselves and the various commas and end-marks that are required. The Guide to Grammar and Writing contains a brief section on to help you. Review that section and take the quizzes on quotation marks before using quoted language in your own prose.The personal essay is often a free-wheeling device of self-expression. If you ever want to experiment with prose and with loosened structure, this is where you can do it. (If you're writing for a grade, though, make sure you understand what your instructor is looking for before you get too crazy!)We are glad to introduce You our database of free personal narrative essay samples. These examples of a personal narrative essay are to help you understanding how to write this type of essays
Your personal essay should give direct and specific answer to the following questions:

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No matter what format your travel essay takes, it’s essential to paint a vivid picture for readers by using active, sensory words and descriptions. Here’s an example I use in my class, “Personal Essays That Get Published”:

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The personal essay can be about anything at all—whatever catches your fancy. You may be inspired by the behavior of contestants on the TV show American Idol to write about singing contests—who enters them, what the performers are like, why people like to watch them. Or you may see two people in a coffee house having an argument and be inspired to write about the difficulty of relationships. You may choose to write about a remembered person or experience, and try and figure out what is important about the person or experience that a reader could connect with. Finding the topic is part of the fun of writing a personal essay, since one is writing about one's own experiences, thoughts, and insights.

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As you may see, we haven’t given you a plan of typical personal essay – there is no such thing. Personal essay should be personal – and we hope that these tips will help you!