E organise and chair project steering group meetings;

The research steering group and the project advisory committee, closely working together throughout the whole duration of the project, form the project steering group. The project steering group provides a structure to organise feedback loops in order to control, assess and lead the research process and the project as a whole at its different steps.

The Project Steering Group included:

Overall, the project steering group's performance can be judged against the extent to which:

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All ULF projects are responsible to a project steering group which meets at least every 6 months, although most meet quarterly. The steering group’s purpose is to assess the effectiveness of your project in terms of governance, management, delivery against outcomes and milestones, quality assurance of learning activity, support and guidance, and progress towards sustainability of the learning agenda.

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If you are starting a project, the first step is to set up a project steering group. This would include key members of staff from the service and their management team. They are responsible for how the project is organised, and should meet at the following critical stages:

The Project Steering Group provided guidance advice and oversight to the SIGMA Project.
The project steering group is accountable for the success of its project. It is responsible for making sure that the expectations set out in the business case for the project are met. If the project is seen as a small business, the steering group is its board of directors. It will commission the project plan from the and, assuming it is agreed, will authorise the start of the project. It will also authorise any significant changes to the plan that are outside the project manager's authority. It secures and assigns resources. As the project manager will have only limited authority, the project steering group adjudicates on any conflicts within the project and resolves problems between the project and third parties, internal departments or other projects. It is given its authority by the portfolio management team once the financial and other resources have been allocated.The project steering group should not be allowed to become a committee. It should be made up of people who are both senior enough to make decisions and expert enough in their field to add essential knowledge, skill and experience. This may suggest that it could, or should, be open to any senior individual with an interest in the project. However, the fewer people involved in the project steering group, the easier it is to make decisions. Even so, a balance has to be struck between an autocrat driving the project and a cast of thousands.As well as getting together at important decision-making points, most project steering groups prefer regular, scheduled meetings at which the project manager can report on the present status of the project and forecast how things are likely to proceed. Typically, this might be every month. If they need to meet more regularly, this may be an indication that their (and the project manager's) authority is not clearly defined and that the project is at risk of being managed by committee.The interests of these three parties should be represented at an authoritative level, but these people will be part of a group and will need leadership. Consequently, the project steering group is usually chaired by a project sponsor, who is responsible for delivering the commercial benefits outlined in the business case. The project sponsor is likely to have been the driving force since the project was conceived. The project sponsor's role on the project steering group is outlined below.
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It is intended that the objectives, methodologies and outputs of the Lived Experience Project Steering Group work will be developed and directed by group members, so as such, a predefined output for the project is not yet specified.

The Project Steering Group provided guidance advice and oversight to the SIGMA Project

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The Project Steering Group consists of one representative per partner and is the central steering body of the project. All decisions about the projects´ working steps are taken in this group.

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If you believe you have the skills and experience required to be a member of the Lived Experience Project Steering Group, we require you to able to participate in person or via teleconference in all four half-day meetings from 1pm – 4pm on the following 2016 dates: