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In this article we have just begun to explore the differences between project and program management. We have seen that programs require capabilities and resources that are not generally required in the project management space, and which correlate directly with the program's success.

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The Scholarly Projects Program (SPP) links medical students with faculty mentors to explore an area of medical practice or research with the aim of creating new knowledge. We encourage students to select a project that allows for immersion with the hope that this experience will consolidate the learning developed through Fundamentals and the Major Clinical Year into an individual professional passion.

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Metro is responsible for allocating discretionary federal, state and local transportation funds to improve all modes of surface transportation. Metro also prepares the Los Angeles County Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). A key component of TIP is the Call for Projects program, a competitive process that distributes discretionary capital transportation funds to regionally significant projects.

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These options will help you investigate each example of PM software and find the best project management program among a great variety of similar solutions. One of the greatest advantages that you can gain when deciding on one or another program is to use a trial copy of PM software for free. Shareware solutions will let you make sure beforehand whether a given example of PM program is really the best project management software.Portfolio management refers to the centralized management of one or more portfolios and includes identifying, prioritizing, authorizing, managing and controlling projects, programs and other related work. Portfolio management focuses on ensuring that projects and programs are reviewed to prioritize resource allocation and that the management of the portfolio is consistent with and aligned to organizational strategies.A portfolio refers to a collection of projects or programs and other work that is grouped together to facilitate effective management. The projects or programs of portfolio may not necessarily be interdependent or directly related. For example, as infrastructure firm that has the strategic objective of “maximizing the return on its investments” may put together a portfolio that includes a mix of projects in oil and gas, power, water, roads, rail and aisports. From the mix, the firm may choose to manage related projects as one program. All of the power projects may be grouped together as a power program. Similarly, all of the water projects may be grouped together as a water program.In of this series, we defined the as an acronym for “Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Office.” It’s based on the concept of a PMO (project management office) elevated to cover project portfolio management as well as project and program management. In part 2 we will discuss the relationship between the three components of the P3MO: project management, program management and portfolio management.
The program goals of the Community Demonstration Projects Program (CDPP) of the Western Pacific Region are:

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Baskin School of Engineering's (BSOE) Corporate Sponsored Senior Project Program (CSSPP) fosters deep and valuable relationships with the Silicon Valley business community through student, faculty and corporate engagement. BSOE's mission is to deliver value for its students while spuring the economy and developing academic research with Commercial needs in mind.

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Such a program (as well as actually a project) can be managed with a help of VIP Task Manager that is client-server software with rich capabilities on scheduling, assigning and controlling tasks in real-time regime. This commercial product has taken high positions (2nd place) on international project management program rankings for scheduling software.

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For FY 2005 only, the obligation limitation set aside for the High Priority Projects program may be used as formula limitation. Any limitation used in this manner must be restored when the FY 2006 obligation limit is distributed. [1102(i)]