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This website is the Sparknotes for math site. It's really helpful for teachers and students alike because it gives a brief overview of the different "genres" of math, and it breaks those genres down into specific topics (i.e. planes, spaces, lines). It gives sample math problems for those topics that teachers can use as examples or have their students reference as study material.

to see some sample math problems.

 sample math problems by skill level.

Work Word Problems - Sample Math Practice Problems

Sample Math Problems and English Questions: Examples of math problems and English questions are available for you to review prior to taking the assessments tests. For students who have been away from school for a period of time, this may be particularly helpful. You can access these sample questions at .

Common Core Sample Math Problems

Each year, more than two million students take the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). Nearly every college in America uses the test as a common and objective scale for evaluating a student's college readiness. This free online course from ALISON contains sample math problems similar to the ones you will find in your own SAT test. If you have problems solving any of the questions then watch the video lesson to get an explanation. This course is ideal for any students who are sitting the SAT math exam.

Sample Math Problems Volume 1 workbook sample
California Wastewater Grade 3 Sample Math Problems - YouTube

Texas Success Initiative Sample Math Problems 11 to 15 - YouTube


Sample Math Problems for Microbiology - Biology at Clermont College

See if you can spot where students stumbled in the three sample math problems at left.

Decimal Problems and Drills | Sample Math Problems for Kids