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However the demarcation between basic research and applied research is not at all clear cut. In reality they are inextricably inter-twined. Most scientific research, whether in the academic world or in industry, is a hybrid of new knowledge generation and subsequent exploitation. Major innovation is rarely possible without prior generation of new knowledge founded on basic research. Strong scientific disciplines and strong collaboration between them are necessary both for the generation of new knowledge and its application. Retard basic research and inevitably innovation and application will be stifled.

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Recommendation: JPL should be the lead Center for managementof programs within the Scientific Research Enterprise. GSFC shouldcontinue to support this lead Center through its astrophysics,space physics, and fundamental earth science programs. ScientificResearch Enterprise activities at other Centers should be evaluatedfor transfer to GSFC or JPL, consolidation, or closure.

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The near-term strategy of the Scientific Research Enterprise isto complete the current program of missions in astrophysics andSolar System exploration. The Task Force found that there maybe insufficient funds for analyzing science data from these missions.

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The Scientific Research Enterprise contributes to the creationof new scientific knowledge by exploring the Solar System andthe Universe beyond and by studying the space environment andits effects on biological and physical processes. The purposeof the Scientific Research Enterprise is to seek answers to fundamentalscientific questions on the origin, evolution, and uniquenessof the Earth, the Sun, and the Solar System. It seeks to provideknowledge and understanding on the origin of life on the Earth,in the Solar System, and in the Universe and on how the conditionsfor life on the Earth are maintained.Recommendation:NASA should develop mechanisms to promote multidisciplinaryresearch between the programs of the Scientific Research Enterpriseand the MTPE Enterprise. The Task Force found that astrophysics, space physics, and fundamentalearth science research should continue to be conducted at bothJPL and GSFC because those program elements are complementaryand not redundant and are the core capabilities for both ScientificResearch and MTPE. The appropriate conduct of these programs atboth Centers can be facilitated through careful joint planningand good leadership. However, space science and earth scienceactivities at Centers other than JPL and GSFC should be evaluatedfor transfer or closure. Once the AXAF mission is completed, ScientificResearch Enterprise activities at MSFC should be transferred toJPL or GSFC or closed, as appropriate.Recommendation: NASA Headquarters should be responsible fordeveloping the vision and strategic plan for the Scientific ResearchEnterprise. The Centers should develop implementation plans jointlyand should be empowered to manage the integrated scientific researchprograms.
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For FY94, the budget for the Scientific Research Enterprise was$2.7 billion, of which approximately $2.0 billion was for R&Dactivities. The map shows the principal roles played by the NASACenters in this Enterprise. At the beginning of this review, theScientific Research Enterprise included scientific research programsin the Office of Space Science and the Office of Life and MicrogravityScience and Applications. However, in November those researchprograms in the Office of Life and Microgravity Science and Applicationswere removed from the Scientific Research Enterprise and assignedto the HEDS Enterprise. This portion of the NASA Federal LaboratoryReview only addresses the programs that remain in the ScientificResearch Enterprise.

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Recommendation: Astrophysics, space physics, and fundamentalearth science research should continue to be done at both JPLand GSFC. Scientific Research Enterprise activities at other Centersshould be evaluated for transfer or closure.

The Fund is one of the very scarce options for Bulgarian scientists and researchers to find financing for their projects.

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American Journal of Scientific Research particularly aims at publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. The journal serves for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in all fields of applied physics. The journal publishes articles dealing with the applications of physical principles as well as articles concerning the understanding of physics that have particular applications in mind.