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In today’s internet-oriented society, we could well ask ourselves if there is any need for a simple bibliography on European Union law, and a paper version at that!

usebib -- A simple bibliography processor.

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Exporting document lists or bibliographies to a word-processing program is straight-forward. Under the "File" pull-down menu is an "Export" command that asks where the exported file should go, and once the name of file is entered, all selected files are exported in Rich Text format. The entire library may be selected or only a few entries. The style of the export may be chosen as well. Endnote provides a standard set of reference styles within several folders in the "Styles" menu. Endnote lists over 300 styles of citations but in the "Humanities" folder, Turabian, MLA, and Chicago are the choices, with several sub-choices of these three. The styles may also be edited (and saved under different names) to include categories not listed in the original style. In other words, a simple bibliography with complete bibliographic citations is possible, as is a more complete listing with abstracts and notes.

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The following example of options and keywords is one that I usedrecently for an annotated bibliography of radiocarbon dating inHawai`i. The line lists options in order of descendingimportance. The option ensures that headings include LaTeXparagraphs, which are used to typeset the bibliographic entries. Theoption puts all headings above the bibliographic entries intothe table of contents. Depending on how much detail you want in thetable of contents, this could sensibly be set to or .Or, for a simple bibliography, even . The options and ensure that none of the Org mode metadata attached toheadings makes it into the exported document. The last two options areuseful for LaTeX export; I like because my BibTeX keys areconfigured to use underscores and I don't want parts of the keysrendered in the Org mode buffer as subscripts.

For a very simple bibliography, consisting of only journal articles and books, a complete style template file may consist of just two lines::
Our next example attempts to recreate the first few entries in asimple scientific bibliography (this one is borrowed from myUniversity Mathematics textbook). The property is used to underline author names, the property is used to make book titles italic,and the property is used in a veryinteresting fashion: by giving a negative value, we create a"hanging indent" for our entries. Also, the familiar property is used to justify our entries.Below is a simple bibliography of the texts held in Paradosis. It is Zotero-enabled, in that anyone can bring the basic bibliographic information, or parts of it, from this page into their own Zotero library. In order to access the searchable bibliography with keywords and other information, our users must join the .An annotated bibliography adds value to a simple bibliography because it includes a descriptive and critical for each work listed. An annotation is a short (usually 50-150 words) paragraph following the citation which evaluates the work by describing it, and by comparing it critically to other materials in the field, or in the bibliography. The critical analysis looks at the work in light of other works available, with an eye toward the author's experience or authority, the publication's currency, the intended audience, the scope of the work, and the work's overall style.I have a fairly simple bibliography. I'd like to present it as a web page, and give the user three choices: this list should be sortable by author, year of publication, and title. This choice can be presented as the page is loading (so, to re-sort, one must reload) or as buttons or hyperlinks.
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If you are writing an academic paper of any level that requires some form of research you are expected to reference the works that you have used to form you opinions or to support your arguments. This is often done with a simple bibliography, reference section or works cited list. Sometimes however it is required that you add what is called an annotated bibliography in the specific format of your written paper.

In Amani's last post, she showed you how to setup and build a simple bibliography style

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In many cases, a simple bibliography will not do and you will be required to make an annotated bibliography; that is, a bibliography with annotations. Â Annotations are brief summaries, evaluation, and analysis of the content included in your essay and about its sources of information.

I want to create as simple bibliography but something goes wrong so that I get the message below

usebib -- A simple bibliography processor

I want to create simple bibliography that would be sorted by authors name and would be with numbered links. But I have problems doing that. I tried using bibliography feature in a Word, but it strangely adds sources. For example I added some book and it adds like this (I tried various styles, but every style adds () and didn't see a way to make it numbered):